Graduation Day!!!!

Yes, I FINALLY finished Physical Therapy for the second time round.

This time I am sure I am done.  I feel confident that I know what to do to progress myself and I feel like I can do so without hurting myself.  I feel fairly strong.

I still find it funny in a way that the PT people really do not prepare anyone for completion.  I was at PT on Tuesday and told my PT that wednesday was my last day and he looked utterly surprised.  I think they would have better patient satisfaction if they started to prepare people for discharge, by talking about it a few weeks before.  Since I had had the experience before, and knew it would bother me, I started to talk about it about 2-3 weeks ago.  This helped me a lot, and it did seem to focus my therapist on discharge.  He started to explain things I could do to progress past when my current things get too easy, and so I feel very confident. And up to the last day he was showing me new exercises.

He really did return me to running.

I still have a hard time explaining what that means to me.  It was simply doing his job, but to me, it was giving me back my world.  So I ended up giving him a gift card to a local coffee shop that I know he frequents.  It felt pretty inadequate, but at the same time, appropriate.  He did tell me to please come and visit, and the way he said it makes me feel welcome to do so, though I think I will try to minimize that as I really need to work on being independent.

So I have now sort of a vacant spot on my running board of directors!

The plan as given to me by the PT is to find some conservative running plan on line and run for 8 months alone.

My current plan is to train up to the Seaside Half in March, and deal with the fact that its going to be a hard hard race for me…(not quite enough time.)  and then to regroup and make some new plans.

I’m pretty much back to normal now, excepting the fact that running over 4 miles on hills in town slays me.  So…ONWARDS!


6 thoughts on “Graduation Day!!!!

  1. Congratulations! I hope this really is the last time you have to undergo physical therapy. It made for a lot of interesting stories, but you also reminded me of why I left PT in tears most of the time.

    • Yes, I am glad to be done. I am also glad that my PT is pretty readily available to me. It’s definitely time for me to move on. though I have to admit, I am still recovering from what he had me do on Tuesday! (To be fair he warned me that “this is going to light up your groin” how poetic yeah?)

  2. Big congrats, Holly! I did Seaside Half a year ago. Love that little town! Don’t worry about time and run with joy! Also, take lots of pretty beach pictures for me. 🙂

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