I got a second email yesterday stating that one of my Operation Christmas Child Shoe boxes went to Madagascar!!!!

I was pretty excited, as I imagined that all of my boxes were put in the same container to Uganda.  I am amazed that they somehow got separated.  I kind of wonder exactly how that happens.  All the same its pretty neat.

Here’s a video from Operation Christmas Child.

It’s pretty neat to see the kids looking at  things in their boxes.   All the kids got snorkles and masks in this video, and I am assuming that the masks were actually distributed with the boxes, not in the boxes.

Here is another video which illustrates some of the difficulties faced in Madagascar!

Happy Holidays to all!


4 thoughts on “Madagascar!!!

  1. Aww, sweet. Do you know if your box went to a girl, or a boy? If I recall correctly, you had some “gendered” items in one of the boxes.

    I didn’t get around to making a box this year, but I brought cans of food to our local food bank. They are extremely short this year, as the number of families on assistance keep growing. It’s also a good way to get rid of the excess my parents bring home from Costco, though Dad throws a fit at seeing his supply of canned corn depleted. :- /

  2. The boxes are labelled for Boy or girl of different ages, so one box went to a girl and the tother two were for boys. Deep down I keep hoping I will see one of my boxes being opened in the videos, because that Pink soccer ball would be hard to miss.

    Food bank is so important this year! Good for you !

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