Without Warning…

I had a fairly epic fail today as I attempted to run 6 miles and came out with, oh, 2.

I finished right at 2 and walked about a quarter of a mile back to the start area.  As I was walking back, I was manipulating my time this week to plan a different day for  the six miles.  Today was just not my day, and I knew it as I started to walk on a very nice downhill that I always enjoy running.  I may also be intimidated by the number six, as that will involve running for over an hour, unless I get a whole lot faster. soon.

As I moved things about mentally, it hit me that I have actually completely returned to running.  I am actually running multiple times weekly, on regular running surfaces, and it would appear that I have been doing so for maybe even three weeks without really noticing it.  I dont mean that I was running through the night in my sleep or anything, but I had not really focused or noticed that I can now really do that.  I’ve been so focused on analyzing every little snap and creak in my bones that everything else seemed to get shoved back into the back of my brain.   I guess I expected there to be a big old line between, you are rehabbing, and you are running.  Instead without any warning, I am running on a regular schedule.

Seems like everything is looking forward to the future.  I am running very low miles each week, but hitting the targets and I noted when looking at my stats on my training website that my miles are ridiculously faster than they have been.  My top 5 fastest runs have all been in December 2011, and I joined the site in 2010.    I am very curious to see how things will be when I really build up my aerobic base, which will take months.  I have one Ill timed 13.1 race in early March which I am racing the clock to get trained up to complete in a good time, not a record time, or anything, but something like 2 hrs and 30 minutes, yes I know, some readers will cringe at that idea.  But hey… I had my hip entirely repaired, and then my rehab took longer than expected.  So, 2 hr 30 min is a good time for me to shoot for as I should probably just back out of the race, but…its such a fun race, I will do it one way or the other.  After that race, I am going to drop back and run some blah junk miles for a month and then start on a long 30 week Marathon training program and run some fall Marathon.  the 30 week plan gives me time to build a decent base and not push too hard as it has some really low mile weeks!

As I was walking I was completely surprised to find that I am running again.  While my hip feels odd, the whole process of planning things out and such feels exactly the same as before I had surgery. I can almost forget I had the surgery!  It so unusual.  I feel so grateful for this development in my life.  There were never any promises that I’d be running well again and here I am….making a lot of progress.

So, like Lel, Wanjiru and the others,  I offer up thanks to God for giving me the ability to recover.

2012 is going to be a year of building building building that base, and I think….having a whole heck of a lot of fun while doing it!


9 thoughts on “Without Warning…

  1. Jayne R says:

    I’m so glad you’re well on your way. I think your last sentence is the most important one – remember this is fun. Savor the sweetness of every run.

    • It has been so much fun to come back. Because of the surgery there has been a lot less pressure on me to do anything…and I think there actually was a lot before even though I didn’t realize it. Everyone kept hoping they would mold me back into the 20 something runner I once was….now its just nice that I get to do anything!

  2. +1 on what Jayne said! Sometimes we don’t even realize the pressure we feel until we choose to or are made to take a step back and look again. Way too easy to talk ourselves into corners that aren’t really there.

    Run on my friend!

  3. Congrats on your return to regular running! I can’t wait for that. I keep trying to get there but something usually ends up hurting, causing me to decrease my running again. It’s a vicious cycle. Right now I’m working on strength training so I don’t have any weaknesses (my PT says glute weakness is my problem). At least I can do something though, right?! Good luck with your training!

    • Thanks Kara! It was a really long time coming. and I did have to stop midway back in August because of a glute strain. My glutes now are like steel! (Ha, maybe not entirely) Keep working on the strengthening, you will get there. I thought I would never ever return to running, but voila, here I am. Kudos and praise goes to my excellent Physical Therapist who was very patient with me and provided excellent guidance.

  4. You know, that I was “a runner” kind of snuck-up on me. I just noticed that the alarm was going off, and I was heading out to run instead of going back to bed or doing anything else . . . and I was doing that several times a week, even when it was cold.

    I need to get back out & running regularly again, just to run. I’ve become entirely too-focused on events and not “just running.”

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