2012 is almost here!!!

And WHAT to Do about it!!!!

I will say that I am one person who is very very very glad to see 2011 out.  A lot of not very pleasant stuff happened in 2011.

I have had this unshakable feeling that 2012 may be my year!   Of course, this may all come crashing down, say on January 1, 2012!

I surely hope the world does not end in 2012, even if it is my year and all.

So I’ve been toying with some “resolutions”  of sorts.  I’m not very good at resolutions, but I do like to make them!

Firstly I need to Register for the Certified Emergency Nurse Exam.  I am a bit annoyed as I had prepared for the exam in August and then decided not o regiser due to the cost.  Now I will need to review again for 1-2 months.  This time round I am going to register and make a testing date and then study for the date rather than the other way around.  I hope I pass.

Secondly, I was to run Several PR’s   I would like to actually PR in all distances that I run this year.  I am planning on some 5K’s, 10K’s, a half Marathon and a Marathon.    The Marathon PR will be ridiculously easy, as probably will the 10K.  But the 5K and the half will be much harder.  I think.  I have my first 2012 5K on the first, so we shall see what happens.  Last year I had a PR in the 10K only, well and the Marathon, but that was because I had not run a Marathon before, not because of improvement.

I’d love to have perfect attendance at work.  Work in the past week has exploded and its been chaotic and unpleasant, so perfect attendance would be a good goal as every day I fight the urge to be sick.

I also want to believe it or not, WALK the dog more.  He is such a great buddy and sometimes when I am runnign hard I just want to do the minimum for him.  He does better with a modicum, rather than the minimum, plus it is good for me as well.

I’m also thinking I should do some dating again.  it’s sort of hard in my little town, but we’ll see I have a few little things planned for the future.

So, the world ending or NOT…..I’m really excited to take 2012 by the horns and play!

How about you all?  What are you plans for the New Year?  How do you plan to get there???


8 thoughts on “2012 is almost here!!!

    • while this is sort of a spammy comment, I left it. massage is a wonderful thing and is part of my plan for 2012 with Mona the best massager in the world, but…it’s not really a resolution. It is fairly easy to get me to go there, though I have occasionally tried to crawl off the table whilst she works on the troublesome leg.

  1. I don’t do resolutions because 1) I’m so terrible at keeping them, lol! and 2) life sometimes changes in weird ways, so the resolution ends up getting scrapped but I’ll accomplish some other goal I didn’t even think I needed to accomplish. I did lose 5 pounds after getting my bicycle, so I hope to keep exercising and losing or maintaining that weight. I should cut back on my alcohol consumption—it’s been slowly increasing to two glasses of wine a night, and I certainly don’t need the extra calories or the health problems that come with that. I also promised my older daughter I would get an eye exam and new glasses, since it’s painfully obvious I can’t see street signs from far away or even a large truck coming straight at me from a hundred feet. (I swear I drive fine, but the kids fret all the time about me getting in an accident because so many drivers out here are hyper-aggressive and lead-footed.)

    Dating is overrated, I think, but then I’m so fed up with men in my age group I’ve given up. They either want a woman who’s half their age, or they have so many hangups and personal crises they seem more like kids to me than adult men. The Indian in-laws offered to act as go-betweens for me, but I told them I don’t want to take care of yet another person. I want my own life again.

    • I think Dating is overrated only when we end up dating absoloute losers, which there are a lot of out there.

      What I need to write here is a post about how i intend to do all this stuff, but….life is suddenly very busy and will probably be that way for the next 2 weeks, or more. Eeeek!

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