Wow.  Ever since Thanksgiving, I have felt like things are just moving so so quickly.

I worked a lot of the Christmas week, as it was my holiday this year, that and New Years eve.  Both days were busy, and busy with stupid stuff.  People really come to , and are referred to the ED for things that Emergency Departments can not fix.  We can not diagnose a bizarre rash that has your PCP stumped (Unless your PCP really sucks!), nor can we pull teeth or do root canals.  We are also not a place to show up because you need an MRI but you don’t want to wait 2 more weeks until your appointment.  Sometimes people wonder why we seem so jaded but it’s generally because the odd event that has just happened to a person personally has been seen by us multiple times over the years.   This Great Doctors response to the huge influx of narcotic seeking patients has gone very viral throughout  the Emergency medicine community, it really resonates with us.

But anyway. I have signed up for some extra work hours simply to pad up my bank account again.  It took a hit with those weekly massages and biweekly Physical therapy sessions.

Beyond that, my social life has exploded.  The day after Christmas I was able to go with a friend to see the Orlando Magic Opening Home game.  It was AWESOME.  I had never been to an NBA game before, so the whole experience was new.  I have to say it was so much more fun than I imagined. It helped that my pal had great seats.  After that, I had my race day, and then a crazy 40 hour work week in 4 days (3 12 hr shifts and a 4 hr shift), and then this weekend I will get to experience the other side of racing….volunteering at the Disney Marathon weekend with friends.  After than I am attending a friends 50th Birthday party, and also a get together Disney Dinner for my running group- as most of them are running something. Oh and I am going with friends to the Expo at Disney to meet up with 110% gear people.  They want to see if they can help me find some appropriate compression for my groin area.  My new compression gear is good, but apparently the groin area is often left intentionally loose, for obvious reasons.  So I am looking forward to meeting the experts in compression.   YIKES.

I sort of want to sit in my own little corner and catch my breath a bit

I am hoping to be able to do that, but…it does not look that great.  I have some   

future events in January and then February is a short month, and then there

is the Seaside Half Marathon which involves all the beach house rental and

a variety of people coming.  I am hoping to set a small small Personal Record.

And I do mean small I want to run a 2:30 or less.  that will take 7 minutes off

my PR from 2008.  This year does seem to be my year as long as I stay uninjured

and don’t push it too hard.  I am having some small problems with my right foot

mostly just soreness and my old hammer toe acting up, so I need to splint down the hammer toe

again, and hope the sole of my foot feels improved.  It isn’t Plantar Faciatis or anything crazy but on some days it feels fairly ick.

So, here’s hoping I make in through the next few months with my sanity intact.  I like going out, but I admit I am a homebody and would prefer to spread this out a bit.

I am back to training with my old coach as of today.  He really is kicking my rear though it is sort of funny because he really has no idea of what I am up to these days.  We did a bunch of exercises that I had “passed”  in physical therapy.  I was going to say something but then I noticed that several of them even though I had advanced, were still pretty challenging.  I also did push ups.  I have never in my life done a push up.  So Wow, guess I am a push up doer now.

My diet, even though it was not a New Years Resolution, seems to have improved dramatically since I started logging more and more running miles.  I have a Pint of Ben and Jerry’s Creme Brulee in my freezer.  It has been there for about a week to two weeks.  I have  had no desire to consume it.  I did decide to also start to try to use truvia- the sweetener from the plant.  I have heard it tastes a bit like licorice, but we shall see.  I bought a box today, in hopes it could help me  as my blood glucose has been running 108 fasting for one year now….under 100 is where it needs to be.  So a combo of more running and a lot of broccoli seems to have resulted in a tiny weight loss.  Funny thing is that people seem to think I have lost tons, so thats odd, but I love the compliments.

Running is going along so well, its hard to believe.  I had a bad run today but I still enjoyed it since I was out running.  The first 2 miles were amazing.  I was relatively speedy and not at all short on my breath.  Of course then I had to conquer some of our hills, and  that killed off the run.  I need to back off the hills at least until i see the Surgeon again, which will be in February.  I’ve got 2  5K opportunities coming up in January and February, both with chip timing, so I wont have the odd gun start chip finish I had on New Years Day.  I am hoping to make a new PR for the 5K  at that point.

I’ve been reading a lot.  Enjoying a series which features detective Maisie Dobbs…but nothing really thought provoking, well Mark Whitakers Self written memoir which was pretty neat.  I had no idea he, the big guy at CNN was raised a Quaker, and went to my rival Quaker school George School.  But thats for another day.

If I can make it through this weekend and the upcomgin week, i may find some time to crawl into my privacy hole and get some rest!!!

How do you recharge when you feel like there is no time?


7 thoughts on “Updates.

  1. Agh, don’t talk about Ben & Jerry’s in front of me. I pigged out over the holidays on eggnog, sweet liqueurs, cheesecake, pumpkin pie, and cookies of every type (made with real butter). I didn’t gain as much as I thought I would, but still, I can feel that potbelly in the front hanging low. I ought to take up your example and start doing some exercises, but it’s been so darn busy here the days seem to disappear before I can even put on my cross-trainers. I also need to keep an eye on my blood sugar as well: it was 100 after my last fasting test.

    The Disney stuff—does that all take place at Disney World? I’m curious, because I haven’t been back to Disneyland in years, and they don’t do many adult-related events there. I’ve also never been to Disney World, even though my husband’s relatives keep a condo near there. I’m not into amusement parks, so I’ve never felt any great urge to visit, but the relatives keep saying there’s more to Disney World than kiddie stuff.

  2. Hey HG! IT does all take place at Disney World. They have a pile of similar events at Disney land, the Tinkerbell Half Marathon, and A Marathon as well as some other stuff, of course…it costs. Disney to me is SO expensive. I’ll try to remember my camera and post up some photos.

  3. Jayne R says:

    I know what you mean by not losing your mind over the next few months. Me, too! Good luck with that. Can’t wait for Seaside, though. And, I subbed Truvia for all my artificial sweetener early last year. You get used to the taste, and you have the added benefit of not putting chemicals into your body.

  4. Wow – sounds like you have a hectic time coming up. The manservant & I were just saying today how nice it is not to have anything planned until mid February. We overdid everything the last couple of months of 2011 and I’m enjoying being anti-social for awhile.

    I’m not surprised by the “visitors” to ER over the holidays – I know it’s tiring and frustrating to you and other staff but it makes me shake my head and wonder what people were thinking. I saw a story on the news recently on the stranger things people call 911 for – seriously it is disturbing to think these people take up dispatchers valuable time complaining about things such as the cable company taking 2 days to come and fix their television!

  5. Your energy levels are amazing. I am not surprised by your ER tales, I have heard tales of people phoning emergency services to ask for an ambulance to deliver aspirin! We are a selfish bunch.

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