Product review: Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack

I bought this product last year in March at the Seaside Half Marathon.  They were on sale and I thought it looked like what I would like for a Hydration belt thing.  On my long runs prior to the Marathon, I had actually found that sticking the water bottle in the back of my shorts worked well for me, but of course looked really really really bizarre.  No one likes to draw attention to ones self when struggling with a long run.

Most hydration belts look like this:
With several small little bottles at various points on the belt.

The advantage of this is that you could carry gatorade and water.

But as you can see, the disadvantage is that your arms can just

run right into the belt when running.   as you can see to the right

Most runners I know say they have adjusted to that, but every one that I tried on seemed to be a little awkward, and placed a lot of emphasis on my beautiful womanly hips.

So, I planted water, which can be a bit risky- someone can steal it, pick it up as litter, if planted in bushes there is always a chance some doggie can use those bushes…and worst someone could tamper with it though that is not something I have heard of.  I would put the water at about mile 5 the night before.  Pick it up there and run with it for a while.  Of course if I wanted water before mile 5, I was pretty much out of luck.

So.  when I saw this belt, after stashing the bottle in the back of my shorts so many times, I thought it might do!

Enter the Nathan Triangle Hydration pack.  Mine is a beautiful Lime green.  I have no earthly idea now why I chose Lime green, but I chose it.  Not the gray and lime, but solid lime.

Well, shortly after getting it, I had the Hip labrum repair, so it rode around in my car looking new.  I finally ran a 7 mile run this week and tried it out.

I LOVE IT!   the water bottle sits right in the middle
and after a little bit of jogging, I kind of forgot it was there.  I am sure it makes my ASS-ets look kind of obvious, but better than the hippy look.

There is a tiny little shock cord that goes around the top of the bottle so it can not wiggle its way out of the holder, and when I first saw the cord, I thought, “Uh Oh, going to be fumbling with that”  It was actually very easy to remove and replace, so kudos to Nathan for that.  In addition there is a small zippered pouch which is perfect for holding keys/gel/cell phone.  I loaded it up with one gel and my keys (not a big phone person).  and had no issues undoing the zip while on the run.  The area that actually sits against the back is slightly padded with a semi-wicking material, and it seemed to wick the sweat away from that area, or at least it was soaked (as was the rest of me) by the end of the run.

The bottle holds 22 ounces of  liquid and is BPA free. So it is ideal for a long run, but for a long long run, I’d have to stop and refill.

My only complaint is that the adjustable waist band that adjusts much like an airplane belt buckle, seemed to loosen just a bit right when I began running.  I initially thought I would be adjusting and adjusting it, but it actually never got any looser.  I am thinking of using my sewing machine to make the adjustment stay better.

5 thumbs up for the Nathan Hydration pack.  It worked far better than I expected.  Any time you have an entire bottle tied around your waist and you can forget it is there, that’s a darn good product!!!!


What do you  like to use for Hydration?  Belts?  DO you Plant water?  Stop at the local CVS?, use water fountains along the way?  Or get parched?


5 thoughts on “Product review: Nathan Triangle Hydration Pack

  1. I have a 12 oz hand held for shorter runs, and a 70 oz backpack for long runs. I’ve tried a number of belts, but the pressure around the waist sometimes gave me GI problems.

    Nice choice, and I’m glad it works for you! 🙂

  2. Joe says:

    I went the opposite direction: going from a single bottle to the smaller ones that are evenly distributed.

    If they put water foundations between every street light no runner would need to carry water.

  3. I luv finding new stuff that works for me.
    I feel most comfortable having something in my hands (otherwise I become very conscious of them). So I ran with a bottle of water in one hand and my keys in the other and I’d switch them around every 10 mins or so. For longer runs or in hot weather sometimes I’d carry two bottles.

  4. Actually, just ordered the same LIME GREEN one on Amazon. My reasons were clear 1) It was cheaper than the other colors 2) This obnoxious color is the same color as my bike wraps and bike pouch. Thanks for the review! More than excited to test it out.

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