Tweaky Lefty

I came across this verse today while sitting here feeling a bit anxious.

Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”—James 1:2-4.

After my 8 miler on Sunday last week, I woke up with some hip flexor pain on Monday.  Hip flexors do exactly what you would think, flex the hip.  So on Monday every time I walked and especially when I sort of pivoted, I had a pretty big “pinching”  sensation.  It was a rest day.  I just worked.

Tuesday, I noted the pain was less, but still present.  I cycled in the morning, and then did a tiny amount of exercises from PT that I like to do when the PT’s aren’t present.  Mostly the one legged standing up, and the sports band things.  I felt OK at work all day but did note that that little Pinch was there.

Wednesday I was still feeling the pinch, but it was a little bit less than tuesday.  So I decided to try out the compression shorts and run.  No pinching noted during the run, but it was really noticable after.  I still did a bunch of PT drill work.

Today, I got a little smarter. I noted the twinge, and decided not to run.  I used the hideous ARC trainer.  I am not a fan yet.  It did not aggravate the hip though and my Heart rate remained at a very reasonable 130-138 for the whole half an hour.  After this I met with the trainer and he and I worked on a bunch of stuff.

Almost everything we did tweaked out the hip more.  It’s sort of a tough time with him because I want to tell him what hurts, but I do not want to be seen as whining.  So we did a lot of arms stuff, pushups and all, and then I headed out to the pool.

Afterwards I iced…and took Motrin, something I rarely do these days.  With the Motrin, most of the pain is gone, which is a pretty good indication that I have just hurt the muscle.  8 miles was kind of a lot.  If my Physical Therapist knew that was my current distance, he would be well, not pleased.   Trainer and I wanted to ask said Phys. Therapist about it but when we saw him he was making a quick exit with a stance that looked like he was on his way to an emergency…(HOPE NOT!).  So….But really, I need to rest it, this is what he will say.

SO rest, and be patient.

It’s not even that bad, Past me would have soldiered on through this and hoped it would get better.  Present me is more pragmatic and mature regarding this pinchy pain.  Now…just wondering how many days I will have to sit round doing very little.   I have a 9 miler planned for next week, and it really wants to be run.


4 thoughts on “Tweaky Lefty

  1. Jayne Richards says:

    It’s hard to feel that joy James encouraged us to feel when we’re in the midst of a trial. Hang in there, take it easy, and know that you’re doing the right thing for your body.

    • It is so hard for me to rest…I have a paranoid fear of gaining weight, which actually isn’t so paranoid, as it is true with less activity, I tend to gain weight….

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