Race “Schedule” for 2012!

Initial note:  My Hip is still officially tweaked.   I wore my awesome new Zensah Compression shorts ALL day long at work today and then proceeded to bike a bit.  The Biking was really painful, and I was never so glad to stop.  I got a terrible workout, and probably it was a waste of my time.

I was so worried (ie freaked out) about the twinge of pain I was feeling that I eventually went to speak to the Director of Physical Therapy.  He was great.  Listened to my issue and then we decided that the best thing to do was to do a tentative long run next week as planned, but instead of going out on the West Orange Trail, I should do 3 loops of three miles.   At the end of each loop, I will need to re-evaluate how I am feeling.  This sounds great.  My big issue is now to find a relatively flat 3 mile route.  He suggested the track, which is by definition, Flat.  But I am not so sure I can stomach 9 miles on a track.  36 loopies.  UGH. I suppose I could do a hilly 3 and then finish off the 6 on the track….

But It may end up being the track.  Otherwise I run the risk on doing an out and back of getting out and choosing to run back when I probably should not.

I am also considering And area of Lake front that is fairly flat, and has a nice bike trail  Hmmm.

I am grateful today for the little bit of advice given to me by John.  I’m no longer a patient, so he could have just brushed me off~but he was able to really listen and help me with my problem.  Yaaay.

I’ve come up with a tentative race plan for 2012.  SOOOOO Excited.  This is the year of Good things  in running!

My first big race will be March 4th. Seaside Half Marathon.

I love this race.  I ran it last year.   It was about a month after the Marathon and frankly, I was tired.  I ran a personal Worst for a Half Marathon, and yet…I still really really loved the race.  It’s organized, there is a nice medal, a nice t shirt and a Vera Bradley Tote for the Runners. What is not to like?  It’s on the beach.    I am hoping to run a 2:30 at this one.  If my hip calms down and I can continue to run a bit, it should be do-able.  If not, well….there is a Nice Medal, A Nice T shirt and  the Vera Bradley Tote, plus the beach…..

2 weeks Later:  The Winter Park Road Race!

I really liked this race.  I ran it last year.  I had a PR for the 10K.  I’d like very very much to have a new PR this year.  I’m not a huge fan of the course as it alternates between brick paving (hard to run on ) and asphalt, but it’s the 35th anniversary of the race, so a special Shirt, a medal (never done before), and a beer glass, so why not!

Then I get to settle down into a Build cycle.  This will be the most important time for me.  No races, unless I decide on a whim to do a 5K or a 10K.  Just lots of training.    Lots of running to build aerobic power…and hopefully if cleared, some nice speed work, which i actually don’t like.  So nothing really on the Docket.

Summer in Florida is not really a racing time anyway.   It might be an endless summer but in the actual summer season, Florida turns into sort of a soup of hot-ness and humdity that is only matched so far in my experience with West Africa.  So build cycle it is.  Lots of long pre-dawn runs, and a lot of weights work.  Or yeah, running the track.

Come October I have a New Half I have planned as part of my tune up for the Marathon!

It is the Beachside Half Marathon in Vero Beach Florida!  Last year a little over 200 people ran.  I did not run it, but I probably would have, had I known about it.  Best thing?  Afterwards is an all you can eat Pancake breakfast.  Small secret: I Heart Pancakes.  May be my favorite food ever.  

I think it may be a little strange to run a race that is that small, but never having been all that into the cheering crowds, it may be perfect for me.  I don;t know why but Cheering people tend to irritate me, as no matter what they say it’s sort of inane.  Or at least when I am tired sweaty and thinking about the finish, I find them annoying.  So who knows.

After that I have finally decided to do the Space Coast Marathon.  I have resisted for a variety of reasons that make no sense.  It’s hugely popular in our area, and that may have been the reason.   It’s flat, and friendly, and I think it will give me the best chance to qualify for Comrades Marathon in South Africa.  I just have to do under 5 hours.  Seems do-able, but really we have to see how the training goes.   If I am not at a good place in November, I may just run the Half and look at a later Marathon.

Post Marathon will be December, then Voila 2013!!!!!

I know compared to a lot of folks this is a slim pickings race schedule.  I am sure I will add a few more into the mix, especially as I have several long 12-13 milers in there.  But, I have to remind everyone that I am also CHEAP.   What can I say.

Any way High hopes for 2012.  So far it has been wonderful.  Now if I can get lefty to cooperate a bit more….


7 thoughts on “Race “Schedule” for 2012!

  1. The biking was painful? That’s interesting, because I’ve run into cyclists who say running is really painful for them because it uses a whole different set of muscles. My son on the other hand texted me last week and boasted of running a mile in 6:20. He went out with a friend who’s in a running club, and the members were timing themselves since they were practicing for a marathon in the spring. My son was in track in high school and seems to be one of those guys that are made of rubber, so I doubt if he’s the norm. But you do ten times more running than anyone I know. Hope you have an enjoyable year as you continue to recover!

    • Thats a nice time. don’t tell your son that I know some men twice his age that regularly run that pace, for more than a mile. But I will never run that pace for a mile. It might kill me!

  2. Looks like a great schedule! Good luck. Also, please take care of yourself and listen to your body…even if it means running on a flat track 🙂 I know, I can’t stand running on a track but it’s a great place to evaluate your body.

    • I like the track for certain things, but I can not imagine 36 rounds of the track. It doesn;t help that there are elite athletes training there, so nothing makes me feel like a slug more than that!!! But at leat I could have some music, something I dont do on the trails.

      I seem to have a tentative solution to the issue, we will see if it is OK tomorrow, then I will probably be able to go for the long on the regular route on Monday…thanks for your note!

  3. Well good for you! YOu go! Glad you are getting back into running and all. I remember your races from last year. I will be heading to Sedona in a few weeks to do one there that I’ve been training for. Should be fun. I look forward to hearing about your adventures!

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