Life’s Little Updates! (Running, working what else?)

So Life is tooling along fairly well.


We all had our yearly evaluations done last week.  My poor Manager had to go ahead and do them all over one weekend, about 120 of them.

I was really really worried about the evaluation.  I really had a very rough year, and it did involve being extremely irritable for a few months.  Oddly, I guess it was alright.  My entire evaluation was either “exceeds expectations or exceptional”  So that was a HUGE relief and a surprise.  I thought for certain there would be some mention of “try to play better with others”  but thank goodness not.  So I can just continue to be myself, though I would prefer to play nicely with others…some days though, people are mentally deficient.

Work is also going along pretty nicely.  We are far less crowded this year than last year, so  a lot less holding admitted patients than last year…which really has reduced our stress.  So we are a lot happier in general.  It’s still crowded up with the snowbirders, but we seem to be managing them better.  of course it is only January.


After my 8 miler, I had a fair amount of unusual pain.  I actually began to really worry about 2-3 days of pain that did not improve with rest.  After a conversation with the Physical Therapy Manager, I figured out that I was actually having a problem with my Psoas, which  is tight and strange.  So I foam rolled as much as I could and stretched the thing out as best as I can.  The Psoas is a bit difficult to stretch properly, it’s located so deeply in the body.  I then accidently scheduled myself for Massage and Work on the same day, SO..I then had to rearrange my entire schedule at work for the massage.  Wow.  As one of the girls at work said, “It better be one heck of a massage.”  No kidding.

After all that rearrangement, I find that I am almost pain free.  Ran 2 hot miles this afternoon (like 90 degrees out, or about 32 degrees C) Felt OK.  Talked to My Physical Therapist.  He is a gem.  He agreed that I needed to do Loopies.  Not necessarily on the track, but he said he ran 20 miles on a track once.  He did admit that he completely lost his mind doing it.  I do not want to lose my mind.  Not really sure where this run will happen, but probably I will end up on the trail despite advice.

So seems I’m still on track for a PR at Seaside.  I just have to not get to crazy.  Physical Therapist oddly, seems pretty happy about my upcoming Half Marathon.  A few months ago he told me not to run it, or only run 2 miles of it.  Today he said it was going to be really great for me.  Go figure.   We talked some about training for Comrades, and he gave some really good advice about how to train hard but minimize leg stress.  I try not to bug him, but he really is such a good resource for me, and we had a blast chatting today…even his patient said she was glad I came by because I distracted her from the painful stuff she was doing.  He feels if my training is “perfect”  meaning I hit all targets early on and later on and manage not to get injured that I might be a contender for 2013.  I might have to wait for 2014, but…I want to at least Qualify at Space Coast in November.

I have FINALLY  lost 4 pounds that have been dogging me since last February.  It was such a pain that yesterday someone brought in 2 dozen donuts from my favorite donut place, and I did not even have a desire to have one.  I was so fed up with the 4 pounds when I saw the donuts all I could think of was those 4 pounds and how awful they were.  I hope I can lose 4 more before the Half.

I will admit, I have had little time for anything else.  At the end of the Month I will look at  my New Year Resolutions, but so far, been doing alright.

Did you make New Years Resolutions this year?  How are you doing with them?



8 thoughts on “Life’s Little Updates! (Running, working what else?)

  1. Congrats on the 4 pounds!!! I love that feeling when some nagging thing is finally fixed. 🙂 and I’m so glad your hip twinge seems to be better, or at least less worrisome.

    So far so good on my resolutions – the hotel actually had some Weight Watchers frozen dinners so I grabbed one of those since the weather was nasty and I didn’t want to go driving around a strange city on it. Better than ordering a pizza.

  2. Thank you for the comment..> Very interesting information 🙂
    No, I do not need a screen, i virtually only use an MP3 for running and I am not looking at the screen when I do… You are very correct!

    Never knew about the rice to dry out the unit. Very interesting peice of advice. I thank you so much for that


  3. New Year’s Resolutions:
    **Lose weight—seems this one is always on my ‘to-do’ list…but I am unhealthy and I know it. I just need to get serious in my mind and on my body.
    **Get in shape—tied into the above, but since I can’t walk up a single flight of stairs w/o becoming breath-less or dizzy headed I need to really crack down and do something about my shape.
    **Stay off of the computer—at least not sitting here for hours on end…Leave Facebook alone as well as some other on-line communities that I belong to. With the extra time I need to spend it with Chris and/or Jordan. Also spend other time working on housework.
    **Think positive instead of negative. Stop being so negative when thinking of myself or things going on in my life.

    How am I doing on them? I’ve lost a pound or so. I haven’t exercised even 10 seconds. I’ve had friends comment about me not being on-line so much….but the housework is not getting done. And, here it is the 24th of January and I’m just now getting the Christmas trees and decorations put away. The last one? Yeah, ask me again in a week or so—PMS is killing me this month.

  4. Congrats on the 4 pounds, Holly! Go get ’em at Seaside! I don’t really make resolutions, but I do set goals for the year. Too early to tell how that is going. Ask me in about 5 months. 🙂

  5. Furthest I have gone on the treadmill is 14… Anything over 8 is torture. I wanted to poke my eyes out also… I would love to be in Florida… I love that state


  6. I said I would drink less alcohol this year, and I think I’m doing OK. Not terrific—some days I really, REALLY need a glass just to come down from my tree. But I’m also happy I’ve been able to keep off the weight. Exercise really does help a lot, though in my case it’s just a half hour of walking a day (weather permitting).

    It sounds like your life is right on track! I admit I was worried about you running a marathon as well, but you not only accomplished a couple of races, you sound a lot happier now. I guess we all have our tipping moments. You had yours last year, with the surgery and PT and not being able to run. Now you can do what gives you joy. That’s what most of us want: just doing the things that make us feel good, emotionally and physically.

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