Nine Mile Burn revisited.

Back in 2007,  I wrote a post called  Nine Mile Burn.

I remember struggling to run 9 miles.  That was my first year of running beyond a 5k or thinking about races.  I had never actually been a race runner, just a runner.  Then someone suggested I run a race.   I do enjoy them, but not all the time.  I’m more of a training kind of gal.

Well today I finally had time to do my Long run for this week.  The Nine Mile Burn.  Whew!!!!   I was supposed to do it on the track per my Physical Therapist.  But…well, I could not bear that.  I think I would have vomited.

I wore my new Zensah Girdle!  (ie High compression shorts.)  Because they are no unattractive, I threw on one of my running skirts as well.  loaded up my fuel belt and went to town, sort of.

Something about Nine, seems to create issues.

I was about 1 mile from my house when I realized I had forgotten my Garmin.  I might do a short run without a Garmin, but not anything over an hour.  Especially today as I had to keep an eye on time due to an appointment.  So I got in the turn lane to go back, and then my car beeped “Low Fuel”  at me.  That in itself is a super rare event.  I hate to drive with the fuel bar flashing.  SO I went and filled up my tank for the next month.  and then went to the house and got  the Garmin.  And went BACK to the trail.

With all that hassle, I lowered my expectations for the run.  But I have an odd schedule so when there is the window for a long run, I take it.

I started out running along and felt pretty good.  The new girdle/shorts seemed to be helping a lot  and I was essentially pain free.  Light breeze.  I ended up running up to the 4.5 point (the turn around) and then having a gel and some water.  The 5th mile was my slowest mile mostly due to me fumbling around with the Gu.  (I like Espresso Love!)  Even after the gu, my legs felt clumsy and very heavy.  Several times I noted if there was a slight rise in the terrain, I was kicking the ground, as I wasn’t picking my feet up.

Although the Garmin was giving me mile splits, I was either tired or “something”.  I had no idea where my actual overall pace was and trying to do math in my head, well no so much.    At the turn around like I usually do, i pulled out the ipod.  Today was mostly Emmanuel Jal.

Big fan.  Jal is a Child Soldier, turned into a Peace Warrior.   He is from South Sudan, where I spent a lot of time working in Akuem, South Sudan.  SO Big Love to him, go visit and find out about him!   It was a little slow for running, but after Jal, I switched to Beethoven for a bit, so I was not actually using the music to create pace at all.

Over all a pretty nice run.  When I really looked, if it had been a 5K, I would have had a PR, also at 10K a substantial PR.  I am really  thinking this may be my year…..  After all HG is saying the year of the Dragon is auspicious!

Afterwards I pulled off the Compression and found that it would seem my Psoas is the culprit of a lot of my issues.  I did not want to stand up straight.

Well.  I have a massage tomorrow.  I think I know what’s going to happen there.

I’m relieved that I have noted no horrible pinching pain.Looks like I am back on track for my Mini-PR at Seaside.

I see the Surgeon in a few weeks.  I saw him in the hospital cafeteria this week, but didn’t speak to him, though I did notice he was watching me walk carefully.  I hope he will release me to do treadmill speed work, the Hill drill, and some two a day stuff.

But for now, Can I admit, I did a small gym workout after the long run and my LEGS ARE REALLY BURNING UP!  especially my quads.    Ahh the joys of training!!!!!  the burn seems to tell me I did a good job!

Editing a bit to add a PS.

PS: I spoke to the very wonderful person at our Proshop who is not just an Iron Man, but a KONA Iron man,  which is an honor not everyone has.  I spoke to her about Fueling these runs.  She actually starts heavy on the caffeine,  and then starts gelling in the first 30 minutes, then a gel every 2 miles after that. Alternating Caff and non caff.  THat is A LOT more than my one gel.  I will try it for my ten.  It may be too much, but I always tell people…Look at the results.  No need to argue, her results are waaaay better than mine.  Going to be interesting. I wonder how hopped up on caffeine I can get!


5 thoughts on “Nine Mile Burn revisited.

  1. paul says:

    Hi nutrition is so individual. A gel every 2 miles seems a lot.I take one every 45 mins and that seems ok for me. Just experiment in training and not in a race

    • I’m going to try it, It does seem like a lot, but, it has worked for her. I usually use 1-2 during a half, but I do get really tired. I hope it helps. It may be too much.

  2. Thank you for the pingback! Seriously, I’m hoping this is a great year for you after all the grief of the surgery and recovery.

    I hope you felt okay today after your run. I don’t know much about the technical side of running, though I know about pain, heh. You remind me that I probably should stretch and move a lot more, since this morning I was stiff from just doing some heavy-duty cleaning. I can’t imagine what it’s like to run nine miles, let alone one.

  3. Hello! I have used a bar before prior to a half… A Clif Bar. Never ate one before and decided to try it before therace started… Worked out well. I have a Clif caffine gel I want to try…


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