January Wrap Up.

SO Back in December, I wrotea post with some New year goals.  lets see how I did!  I Know, its the 30th, not the 31st.  But tomorrow is a busy day and I don’t really see much changing in my New Years Goals.

Certified Emergency Nurse Exam:   Check Minus.  What Exam?  I really need to do the registration  Maybe I will do it in February.  I am thinking that taking it in April would be good as that is a true DOWN time for running.  So I would have a lot of time to sit at Panera and review….My Manager AND her Husband brought it up again today…Eeek.

PR Running: Check. Giving this only a check. I’ve been running well.  No races since January one…and that one had timing issues.  I have a 5K on February 4th that I am hoping will be my start.  It is scheduled to rain….which is sort of scaring me, even though it usually rains in the afternoon here.

Half Marathon in March and a 10K at the end of March.  the Marathon will have to wait.

WORK:  Check plus   I have had perfect attendance for the month of January.  I got my employee review and it was meets or exceeds or exceptional in all categories.  SO I just need to continue that, not get mean or cranky.   Post my surgery I have been a lot less mean and cranky.  I was actually in a lot of pain, I now find it hard to recall exactly what the pain felt like.  so good on all fronts.

DOG: Check Plus!!!!    I have been walking the dog more and more and more.  I take him up several of the hills in the neighborhood, with the idea that walking the hills has got to be good for me as well.  This is the one goal I am finding to be a chore.  I really have to do it daily.  I do have the results of a much calmer happier puppy.    Oddly the results have not encouraged me much.  I just hate coming home from a run, wanting to curl up on the couch with a coffee, and instead having to walk the dog.  BUT…having it as a goal, has made me do it even when I don’t want to, so yaaay me.  The dog totally deserves this!

Dating:   Check minus   well…I keep trying.   Several people have asked me Who I am dating…and why not.  They seem to want to set me up, which to me is like DANGER ZONE!!!!  But who knows!

So overall, I am still loving 2012.  For February there are a few things I’d Like to accomplish.

1. Renew My ENA membership and register for a testing date.

2. run injury free.

3. perfect attendance at work

4. continue walking the dog

5. lose about 3 more pounds.

6. get my taxes done.

7. call my Grandmother at least one time.

How is everyone else’s year going along?


7 thoughts on “January Wrap Up.

  1. I bet Teulu is loving your resolution! You are doing great with your list. I have a HUGE exam for work coming up in April that I’m starting to get super stressed about. We’ll see how it goes, but I hear April is a good month for that sort of thing. 😉

    So far I’m doing ok with the health and budget goals, but check minus on the home front. I figure it’ll get there…some things just take extra time and work. And I’m with you about getting set up on dates. Scary! I think you’ll find the right guy all on your own.

  2. I think I gained weight, because I’ve been eating out a bit more recently. Not good! And my son is talking about modifying my bicycle because it’s sometimes painfully hard to pedal. That might just be my knees, however.

    You sound like you’re doing great! Certification exams, I hate them, but once you’ve passed them you’ll feel terrific about yourself. I think having friends who know you well set you up on dates is a lot better than online dating or trying to flirt with guys you meet at random events. I’m not a good flirter. I tend to size up men mentally and then think, ‘Nah!’ As I said before, I have a terrible attitude towards dating, so don’t do what I do and keep a positive outlook. 🙂

  3. You are doing awesome MG! It looks like you and I will both be running this Saturday. I’ll be curious to hear how you did. That is really great that you had all this written down and you are pretty much sticking to everything you set out to do. Yay for you!

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