I think I can, I think I can….

Or can I?

I  Did my Long run today.  10 miles of Joy.  I admit, I was not really excited about doing it.  I’m not one that needs a ton of “inspiration” or Motivation to exercise.

Some time ago I realized if I waited for motivation, well, it might never come.  So instead, I treat it like another job.  If a run is scheduled, I do it, unless some sort of extenuating circumstances occur (like stuff that would prevent me from going to work).  That said, I was a little concerned about the 10.  I had a really good 9, and there is always concern that if I have a slower long run so close to my Half that I will get unhappy.

I started out slower than last week, and I was not so thrilled about that.  It was a steady pace and I reminded myself that my goal time was what was important not how fast my first miles were.  I tried out the new fueling strategy suggested and BAM things improved.  GREATLY.  I ran this run faster than I have ever run any long run.  I think mostly due to the fueling.  Once I got used to the increased gel use, I found the running was actually a lot more fun, I felt less short of breath and much less tired, though I do still need to work on foot placement when tired.

So I finished off the run, again sort of confused about pace and found the pace to be about 20 seconds faster per mile than last week.  Score one for Fueling properly.

Calculating it out, it would appear if I could continue for 3 more miles at that pace I would have a crazy 10 minute PR.  Sooo, thinking about this I got a little flustered.

My “coach” H. heard my time goal, which was about a 5 minute PR last week and said, “You can go faster”.  He didn’t say how much faster, but

He was pretty clear.  Must Go Faster.

Now, after a great run, I started to wonder….Can I Go Faster?  Can I duplicate this, or is this one run going to live in my memory until it gets huge like a fish story.   Well…No one knows at this point.  And even if I have 3 more fabulous training runs, all sorts of things can and do happen on race days.  My biggest fear is ALWAYS that someone will have some sort of Cardiac Problem or syncopal episode in front of me and I will have to stop racing to help.

I’m a fairly good worrier.  So I turned this one over to God, because frankly, there is really nothing else to do with this type  of worry!    In Psalms there is a wonderful assurance….

 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.
(Psalm 37:5)

The whole of Psalm 37 is really lovely.    I read through it and found myself feeling more reassured.  I love this verse because it doesn’t say to do nothing and “let God do it”  Instead it states,  if one has made the commitment, and prepares, God will be there, hopefully preventing race day disasters and mishaps.    God does not do the work for us, but God is with us while we are working and can certainly bless our efforts.

So Can I do it?  All sort of Pace predictors, and people say yes…  but I’ll have to wait until the actual days come for my results.  Until then, I think I’ll rest a little easier with Psalm 37.  My efforts, even at something as small as running a Half Marathon (sure isn’t like creating a cure for AIDS, or a beautiful work of art), can be blessed.   And of course…I’ll also be trusting in the people around me and taking yet another Ice bath!


6 thoughts on “I think I can, I think I can….

  1. Hi,

    My wife and I are down in Florida, and expect to go to see an old friend near Orlando. But I don’t know how to contact you by email. Oh well. We are enjoying watching the returns come in. Not to mention the gentle weather.

  2. Jayne Richards says:

    Love this post! And, committing it to the Lord is always the hardest part for me. I’m such a control freak. But, when I do, when I really give it to Him and let Him bless it, man does He show out. I know this is going to be an awesome race for you – you’ve got this, girl!!

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