I suppose it is time for some updates.

Saw the Surgeon on Monday.  He completely discharged me.  This felt a little odd, as I don’t see myself as completely recovered.  At the same time, I have no concerns that he can address, so I suppose it is appropriate.  He said since I am 9 months out of surgery, I can do whatever I want.  So all the box squat jumps are alright, as well as speed work, hills, and using the treadmill.  He seemed fairly pleased with my progress.   I am quite relieved not to have to go back to that office.  I really disliked the office girls.   I owe so much to my second Physical Therapist for getting me strong enough to support the hip.  So, life is good.

Yesterday I tried to run 11.  It turned into 4.   It was a fairly good 4, but not 11.  I still am having a left shin splint type pain since running on the brick surface.  It was bothering me, and I think the weather, which was this hideous cloudy gray day, affected me quite a bit.  The “good news” here is that I have thursday or Saturday to hit 11.   After that I have 12 and then the race.    my trainer/coach was very displeased with the cobblestones, so I can run no more races until the half.   These little pains, which probably not serious, are slowing me down in training.  I went ahead and ordered shin compression sleeves, as I have been spending  99% of my waking moments in my compression tights, and they are tight all over!!

We are doing some awesomely difficult and fun new stuff in training.  I admit, sometimes I like a good session better than running!


3 thoughts on “updates

  1. Jayne R says:

    Sorry about your run yesterday, but you’ll get it this weekend. And, the weather plays a HUGE role in my training, it’s finally sunny here this week & I’m already feeling better.

    Look out, Seaside, here we come!!

    • I can not wait Jayne!!! I have a bunch of very eclectic pals coming so I am always concerned that it will be a challenge to make sure everyone has a good time. Pretty much I am the only distance runner of them all. And I am so worried about my “PR” that it’s a bit silly.

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