Getting Butterflies

For Sooooo many reasons.

Today i managed to do my failed long urn from tuesday.  I was having some issues with the weather being gray and damp, which is totally unusual for Florida, and always gets me in a bit of a funk.  We aren’t the SunShine State for Nothing!

I was also contending with some womanly issues.  So overall this whole week has been tough.  It dawned on me though that with the race being about 26-27 days away, this entire scenario could play out again at Seaside.  Last year it was a bit gray and quite stormy.  So who knows how it will be this year.  Probably 80 degrees F and too hot.

So with that in mind, I decided to go for the run, and see how I did.  I prayed a lot before this run, which is not something I usually do.  I have to admit, my good 10 miler, and then the failed run on tuesday had me kind of confused.  I was pretty sure I was not going to have such a good run. And I was wondering if I can race as well as I have been running.

After some debate I decided to just go out there and do it.  We are having a cold front, and I admit, there was a little voice in my head telling me that I should go back to bed and just do this over the weekend.   I LOATHE running the trail on the weekend though, too many people.

It turned out to be a strangely good run. My shin splint had healed (note I say Had),  and the only thing feeling odd was my adductor in my right leg.

I got out there pre-dawn.  I was a little bit freaked out because when I got to the trail head, there was a big Van parked there.  No bike rack, so I was kind of like who the heck is this and why do they need a Van.  Luckily whatever they were doing, they were not out to do me harm.  By the time I hit one mile, the sun was well up.  There were people on the trail, mostly dog walkers, and people out for shorter mid week runs.

Anyway, I had my end time in mind. And I wanted my first 4-5 to be well under that pace. This is not a great way to run a long run, with only the end time goal in mind.  If you are like me, it’s hard to calculate if you are on pace during the run unless you have a few goals, along the way.   After 2 miles, I consistently started to miss the goal time I wanted for the 4 to 5 miles.  I was irritated and pressed on, thinking that this was probably how it would be at Seaside, so I had better suck it up.

About mile 4 I passed 2 ladies and a dog, jogging, and they hollered out at me, wanting to know if Tilapia was a fresh or Salt water fish.  I told them fresh. then when I got home I looked it up.  Yes, Tilapia is a fresh water fish.  I was very very thrilled to get to the turn around place, which was a lot further than I had imagined.

On the way back, I passed many of the same people I had passed on my way out.  My splits were reeling off, and none of them looked that great to me.  In addition, I admit that I was not paying good attention to them.  a minute after it flashed on the Garmin, I had forgotten what it was.  At one point, I kind of forgot which mile I was on.  I was at 9.75 and thought I was at 8.75.  of course a quick glance at the watch helped me realize that this was wrong, thank goodness.

I was treated to the exotic animals that some person breeds on the side of the trail.  I am not kidding.  On my 4 miler I almost ran over a HUGE peacock,  and today a Wildebeest attempted to race me from across the fence.  the Wildbeest of course, won.

Not too surprising.  It did keep giving me a look, I think he was as curious about me as I was about him.

When I finished I stumbled into the trail head bathroom.  I noted some people looking at me.  i thought ti was because I was breathing nice and heavily.  but then I saw myself in the mirror.  Oooh.

Blue is not usually a clashing color thing.  In the dimness of the morning I had put together a royal blue shirt, a dark green blue skirt and my shoes are sort of Aquamarine.  My fuel belt is of course spring green.  Whoo, that looked interesting.  In the dark it was great, in the bright light of day…I turned heads.

No Matter.  I had finished the run and reached my goal time actually was about 1 minute better than the goal time.

Pace predictors are grinding the new times and predicting some great paces for me, but…Only God knows what I am going to be capable of on race day.

One more long run then we are hitting Seaside with a vengance.

Oh yeah.. My other issue.  No one else in my little group of beach goers has been able to prepare properly for the race.  I’m worried about them and such.  But what can I do?  People are people.


8 thoughts on “Getting Butterflies

    • No stress fractures, none of them trained enough to get a stress fracture lady! My only concern now is the Big haul up a small Florida Hill. I should be able to do it, but…it might slow me down… Bah.

  1. If I could run alongside a wildebeest, I’d do it! Out here, the only critters that run alongside me are big scary dogs who would love to break out of their pens and take a bite out of my leg.

    Do you have to run together as a group at Seaside? I’ve never been happy with having to pace myself with a group, and then discover half of them are out of shape and unable to to keep up with even pokey old me. Maybe these people in your group don’t realize how demanding the race is. But good luck! I hope you’ll do well, butterflies or no.

    • Nope, no running together. I have a general rule about races, even if I am “doing” them with people, the race is just run on our own. My main goal is that everyone has a good time over the weekend. Hopefully the weather will be warmish, and the beach throws up lots of treasures! There are many women who have the philosophy of “we start together, we finish together” But for whatever it says about me, I can not follow that philosophy.

  2. What an interesting place to run. That must’ve been neat seeing all those animals. Very funny about the outfit but if it made you more detectable in the dark, then so be it. Best of luck on the Seaside run! I hope you’ll post about it.

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