Nothing New

Wow, that is not an inspiring title for a post.

I am 22 days away from my Half Marathon.  

I’ve been running pretty well, especially considering  that I was out completely for almost six months and did not start any sort of running, much less training, until December.

I’ve been doing great and working really well with my gym trainer, but I do seem to keep getting minor strains.  So, I have decided for 22 days, I will do NOTHING NEW, or different at the gym.

Every time I cahnge something up, I end up having some sort of pain.  Lucky me, it has been fairly minor.  I ran the little 5K race last weekend, and ran on the cobblestones…which aggravated my lower leg and took a few days to heal, interrupting my gym training.  No big deal, but it slowed me up.  SO we decided no racing for no reason until after the Half.

Yesterday, I did something called the “Billy Goat Walk”

Essentially you Jack up the incline on the treadmill, and walk/jog for as long as you can.  It really burns calories, and I thought it would give me some help with hills.

Well.  I had been told to avoid Deep hip flexion.  I remembered this today.  My surgical hip flexor is really inflamed, and sore.  I can walk normally, and it would appear that I could jog normally, but to lift my knee to my chest or to lift and then twist my foot round, like say this:

I feel a whole lot of soreness.  So…no running today none at all.  It’s alright, as this week is a step back, or resting week in my training.  I am just overly irritated that something as silly as Walking on a treadmill would cause my entire hip area to be so painful.

I have compression on the area, and am icing it.  I expect from the way it feels it should be better by the end of the week if not sooner. I definitely do not want to go to the Doctor for this, as I am afraid he may decide I need more Physical Therapy!   WHile I liked my PT, I really do not want to go down that road again.

So NOTHING NEW.   I want to make it to race day with two solid pins to run on….


7 thoughts on “Nothing New

  1. My friend, who does a lot of elliptical work said that when he could only walk on the treadmill (he has back pain that can get aggrevated) that he was always sore because it was using muscles that he does not really hit when he does the elliptical or runs. So, maybe it is stretching things you don’t get to use too often. Just a thought.
    Enjoy your rest. 🙂 And good luck on the half. I can’t believe it’s 22 days away. I feel like you just mentioned it!

    • That was totally it!!! I’ve been very careful to not do too many hills, but then kalooey, I decided to walk what would have been a very steep hill for 25 mins. Ooops. I trust that it will heal but right now, it’s pretty uncomfortable.

  2. Well, no news is good news, right? 😉

    I am sorry you’re hurting. I know it’s tough when you’re training for an event, but there’s nothing wrong with staying off of your feet and resting a bit. (What ever happened to your quilting?) Hope it gets better soon.

    • I really find I am not that good at the quilting thing. While I would LOVE to be a quilter, I find it does not hold my attention now that I can move again. Sad, because a quilt one can pass on a Personal Best in a race, not so much….

  3. I think that sounds like an excellent plan! I’m sorry it is being ornery and I hope this week gets it back to normal for you. I’m SO excited for this race for you. It is going to be awesome!!!

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