Gym Stuff

Akamonsoon asked what kind of stuff I am doing with my coach.   I’ve been toying with doing a post about some of the new things he has decided to include, so I suppose it is time.

We are doing a mix of some very traditional things with some very old school “drills”  the Drills get me.  Here is a recent session.

30 minutes of warm up this time round I used the ARC trainer and just did that.  I don’t like it.   But it seems very gentle on me and says it burns a lot of calories.  Not so convinced on the calories, but it does build up a sweat.  Bonus is that I am already in the gym so always on time.

Then  we get going.

Pushups…..Everyone knows about these.  I HATE them and am bad at them, but I am finding as I practice, I am getting better.

We also do Dips and Pull ups…

and then we do Wall Ball Squats with the bicep curl….

I used to think this wall ball squat was for older ladies or people who needed support during squats, but, I find with the dumbbells, it is a fair exercise.

Then we proceed on to Mummy Kicks….


After which we move on to the floor

with V ups.

we do them though with a ten pound weight in my arms.

Then Pick Pockets…with the same weight

then the Plank  of course, I love the plank.

Moving along we go back to some drills…


and then moving on to High Knees:

Yes, we are not done yet….  Mountain climbers:

we do these with a twisting motion and when the Bosu ball isnt in for refurbishment, I like to use it.

we move on to Jump Squats….

and about now is when I start to want to vomit….

last thing is Ski Abs…   which is like these, but my coach adds in a third move in the middle….

On occasion we also do thing like lat Pull downs and triceps press down.

Hopefully these fun little drills will help me to run further without injury, and faster….

I do love the gym.


4 thoughts on “Gym Stuff

  1. Holy C! That is quite a work out. I am convinced that you’ll be super fit in no time.
    Got to say for fab abs I totally love the Pilates “Hundreds”

    Doesn’t look much – but if it is done right …boy you feel muscles you didn’t know you have.

  2. Jen R. says:

    OOOOOhh, I love this post! Such great ideas! I despise jump squats. My PT has me do them while holding onto TRX bands. Pray you never have to do TRX exercises. There are so many vomit inducing exercises on those things, it’s insane.

  3. Oh my! That is quite the workout! Thanks so much for posting this. It looks really tough but I bet you are reaping the benefits left and right. Do you feel a difference yet?

    Funny enough I just posted about my gym experience today, too. Yep, feeling like you’re going to vomit seems to be normal. 😉

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