Gym Session…..

I’m 2 weeks away from my “return to running” Debut.    This is a little silly because I have been running for oh 3.5 months now post surgery.  But it still feels like a return to me.

It’s been a while since I have given a transcript of a training sessions, but this one deserves it.  My coach and I usually use a smaller room that is separate from the rest of the gym for drills.  It is accessible to others though and of course is open to them during these grinding sessions.

Setting this up,  Coach H. and I started drilling away and there was another young woman in the room doing some sort of mat work.

I am doing High Knees.  He is yelling at me,  “Higher higher, get those knees up…come on now…ok thats good”  etc.  In between this we are yelling- me because I am out of breath and he because he sometimes yells…Mostly about upcoming races, and paces and wether to use a pacer person or not.

All of a sudden,  he says, “I need you more than just today”  What are you doing Friday, I need you Friday”….

I am still doing suicides or high knees or some other awful thing so I am not quite replying yet.

The anonymous woman looks at the two of us and says, “Oh wow, do you need to be alone? OMG I am interrupting”  and I’m like, uh no, you are fine.

I tell Coach, “Hey I was free on Monday….but I am working on Friday”

He says, “I need you…this is more important than work”

Anonymous woman, gets up….looks at us strangely and leaves, never to be seen again.

I should explain that English is Coach H’s second language.  Some things come out wrong.  After she sort of stalked out, he  suddenly realized what he had said and just grinned and grinned….  What can you do.

We do spend a lot of time together, but…he NEVER has yet Gazed at me like this.  and I have yet to have my hair look that good when I come in for work.

I must work on this!


10 thoughts on “Gym Session…..

  1. Hah! I thought this was turning into one of those late-night Cinemax stories… =P

    That woman’s hair looks so good because she’s using tiny little weights. Wuss.

  2. Ha! What was that dirty-minded lady thinking? She didn’t know if Coach was saying he needed you to help him clean his garage. Or something like that. 😀

    Hair is such a weird thing. Some days you get up and it looks great, and other days you’d like to shave it all off and wear a wig. But I’ve never understood how, in those exercise videos, the instructor’s hair is always perfect—no frizz, no cowlicks, or flattened-with-sweat. (Unless it’s one of those guys with the cue ball shaved head.) They must have a stylist standing by between shots, or they train their hair as well. :p

  3. This story made me laugh do hard – I can envision the whole thing! And I love that your trainer is so passionate about your running/training. And for the record, my hair is a stringy gross mess in the mornings when I go to the gym. I figure once I get all sweaty I will match it. 😉

    • My trainer has his moments. I was actually thinking about stopping with him for a while there, but not lately. latley we are “as one” mind at least. My hair, well, I do want it to be beautiful, but…ahhh well!

  4. I thought for a second there that maybe there was a budding romance about to blossom. 😉 That is really funny about the lady listening in. I can only imagine what she was thinking! LOL

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