February Wrap Up

Time to check in with the goals I set for myself in January!

February is a short month, though this year, it is one day longer.  Still…lots seemed to go on during the month.

Certified Emergency Nurse Exam.   Oh yes.  That.   Well.  I am still an uncertified Emergency Nurse.  (should this alarm anyone, MOST nurses are uncertified, it is not a requirement, just a perk.)  I have been thinking about it more.   And I think I will have enough money in March to pay for the outrageous registration.  It’s not an easy test, perhaps like this woman it will test my Nursing knowledge and “me as a woman”  Though I know some Men who have taken the exam, so I think it will just test knowledge…


Running:  I do want to have a PR in every distance I run.  February was Good for that.  I ran a PR in the 5K.  Sadly after that my coach vetoed any more racing until my Half Marathon.   I have my Half Marathon this Sunday.  I hope to have a PR there, but it’s a much longer distance and so it’s a bit iffy.  I’ve had some great training runs, and some less than good ones.  Most likely I will run a PR, and then like the 5K PR I will be annoyed because it will not be my “goal time”.  I am shooting for about a 10-11 minute PR, which given race day pressure, and the intense pressure I feel in this “Return to running” race…may be too much.     Running in general is going well.  It looks as if I will also PR in the 10K at the end of March.

Perfect attendance at work:  I have had Perfect attendance at work for January and February.  I have not always been perfectly pleasant, but…I have been there physically.   Pleased about this.  It’s a silly goal, but achieving it makes me happy!

Walking the dog more!   I have been walking the dog.  I have not walked him quite as well in February as in January, mostly due to feeling tired from the longer training runs.  I added in some basic grooming- he is a bear to groom.  and did manage to wash him and cut out any matting today.  SO he is still getting more attention than last year.  I did see one whole flea during our bath, so he is going to have to go back on Comfortis, tomorrow when we hit the vet.

I don’t see it as goals listed but I did do a few other things in February that I think are worth mentioning.

I lost 10 pounds.  I still have about 10 more to lose but…that 10 had been hanging around for so long, I never thought I would see it go.

I was discharged from the Surgeon “forever”.  I only have to go back if I have a problem!

I’m really looking forward to March! Good thing too, because it is tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

  1. Overall it sounds like things are moving along really well! And congrats on that 10lbs and the discharge! Very worth mentioning. Give Teulu a scritch for me – such a handsome fella.

  2. LOL @ Perfect attendance at work: …. I have not always been perfectly pleasant, Love that! Teulu must be pleased with the extra walking and attention and well done on those 10 lbs. It doesn’t seem fair to have to pay to take exams.

  3. Good for you being dismissed from the surgeon and for losing 10 lbs! Teulu must be thrilled with all the extra walks, too. I hope really good things are in store for you during March and I hope the race this past Sunday went really well. I was thinking of you on Sunday and hoping the weather held out. I know that had been a concern.

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