tired and grateful

I’ve just come off a 4 day in a row stretch at work.  about 48 hours..

It felt crazy busy.  I am Fresh off of a very nice vacation!

Yes, that was my view, not a postcard.

Pretty much every day had one really really sick patient involved.  In addition we had to  experience Daylight savings time…

 I am not a huge fan of Daylight savings time.  Mostly because I am a morning runner (which describes about 98% of Floridians who run outside in the summer, I mean its 80 F at 4 am…why would we wait until 7:30 am?)

So while it was getting light nice and early…now I am plunged into darkness again for my runs.  Thanks DST!!!

So yesterday we all Zombied into work an hour early.  This was good for the night shift as they got to leave an hour early, a nice feeling!   I will say being the first day of DST our patients did not start showing up until about 1-2 hours later than normal, so it made for a nice day.  until of course the usual 6:30 pm Emergency.  This week…my 6:30 PM emergencies have been pretty much respiratory.  6:30 pm emergencies are maddening.  It is Soooooo close to the shift change that there is extra chaos added into the mix because within about 22 minutes there are now 2 nurses responsible for the patient, some amount of respirator therapists, and such and everyone is coming and going.  It is also very difficult to leave on time with a 6:30 pm emergency, for obvious reasons.

SO,  on my last of 4, I rolled out the door at what would have been 7 pm normally.  A few people throughout the day had remarked that I was looked very very tired.  I felt really tired.  I must have been. I awoke this morning to my phone alarm which was maddening, as I could not find my phone…I found I still had all the clips and such I was using to hold my hair in place at work attached to my head.  Not too comfortable.

I have come to the conclusion that I am sick with something.  instead of being annoyed  I found myself profoundly grateful and pleased.











why?  I’m not on any training cycle yet.  It’s a week of simple running and cross training.  Today I plan on cross training in my bed…all snuggled up under the nice warm coverlet.  I feel a bit ridiculous, but I was delighted to find myself ill during this week, rather than last week or 2 weeks ago when i was doing my critical long runs before the race.

I do hope though that I get better really soon.  I suspect I may also have contracted the dreaded “pink eye”  from my first  0630 pm respiratory emergency earlier in the week…

In addition, I was actually able to make it through all 4 days of work, and I now have 3 off…to get better.  thus allowing myself a pretty good shot at my “perfect attendance goal”  for the year.

I think I’ve finally reached into the dark depths of running craziness, when I am thrilled that I am sick in between training cycles!


2 thoughts on “tired and grateful

  1. I spent the first Monday of DST groggy and zombie-like. I didn’t think Sunday was that bad, but then I slept in and Sundays are always slow around here. Now that we’re all back in our routines (except for Dad, who picked up a virus at the last funeral he attended), it was harder to get into gear and accomplish even basic tasks like laundry.

    That view of the beach is wonderful. If I had something like that greeting me in the morning, I might feel more inspired to work out myself!

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