And the Transition begins

Eventually word had to start to leak  out about my new job.

It’s been a really mixed bag of responses.  I have noted a bit of an undertone of Jealousy.

Initially of course people thought I was going to be doing some sort of something in the Emergency Department.  After a while, it dawned on them that I will, in about 14 days have an office, with walls, my own telephone, a lunch break every day, and those things that we wish for as nurses on shift.  After that, came all the “Was that job posted?”  “How did YOU get it?”  I never saw it posted…. statements.  Frankly, none of the commenters are qualified, and have NEVER shown any interest in infection control…they were just reacting.  It is annoying to field these questions.  I finally lost it gently with one lady who kept saying, “well I never saw it posted”. I never saw it posted either, but because I had discussed at length my interest with our manager 2 years ago, she immediately recommended me.  I mean Duh.
Strangely, only 2-3 people have been really truly happy for me.  That is sort of a let down.   But I suppose it is to be expected.
   Tuesday was one of the most difficult days to work…I was working and also negotiating for my new pay scale all at the same time.  plus we had Inspectors in, so everyone was in a panic.  The patients were acutely ill and going off to surgery/cath lab/ICU, you name it… I saw my new boss walking about with the inspectors and he was all smiles.   I had two thoughts…firstly I Thanked God that I was NOT yet installed in that position, since I would have been in the HOT HOT seat for those Inspections…  and I thanks God for this opportunity, as the ED was such a mess I just wanted to leave.  By the end of the day I was having some actual chest pain, which was new for me.
I don’t think I necessarily have Short timers syndrome…but I have something.
The night charge RN came on tonight and was nit picking at me, and second guessing everything I had done in the past hour.  I was very very tempted to explain to her some things…..but then I decided just to let it go…I will need as many good relations in departments as I can have.
    Sadly I was caught by my Manager eating a small cupcake in the hallway.  This is a total no-no.  I kind of looked at her and asked her to please not write any disciplinary action.  She smiled and said, “You get to write yourself up for breaking your own policy”….so I guess It gets to be a new game now!
    I do hope that things work out well….Or I will be back to sorting patients in the waiting room ad infinitum!

6 thoughts on “And the Transition begins

  1. Don’t let the haters get you down…you got that job because you showed initiative and they didn’t, tell them to get some 2×4’s build a bridge and get over it!!! Rock On!!! 🙂

  2. The best way to find a new job is through word of mouth. People who think the job is supposed to be posted on a giant billboard in neon lights are lazy and unambitious, IMO. So hang in there and ride it out to the last day. I bet your co-workers (more of them, anyway) will be more gracious by then.

    • I think a lot of times our initial reaction to any good news is a bit of jealousy. In reality they don’t want to sit in an office and report to the state, and file report after report…and walk about the hospital pointing out problems… they just forget that in the heat of the moment…But it is annoying.

  3. I can understand how someone might be hurt that they didn’t have a chance at a job, but obviously you showed that you are a hard worker and would be great in that position, so you deserve the recommendation and the job! Now go out and celebrate!! 🙂

  4. oh, wow. there’s going to be jealousy with every promotion, lateral move, etc. but you stood out and you got the awesome reward. hang in there and dont let it get to you too much!

  5. Jen R. says:

    So sorry to hear some people’s reactions. I’ve been through that myself before. Not fun, and puts a damper on such a positive thing! Shame on them. Anyway, congrats! I can bet you are a damn good nurse, and I have such respect for you in a tough profession!

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