Winter Park Road Race Report

Wow.  this is the first race that I have run this year that I would give a YUCK!  to!

I ran this race last year when I had an upset tummy…and I was really happy to PR.

This year I was very excited because I thought I would have a HUGE PR.   Well.   Not to drop anyone’s interest, but I did not have a huge PR, and I did not really enjoy myself.  Though, I DID have a PR and I enjoyed many moments.

To begin with this entire week has been INSANE.  Monday I interviewed for my New Job.  Tuesday I found out I got the job, did some salary negotiations and accepted.  On Tuesday, we also had a rather important inspection of the hospital.  This inspection lasted until Friday.  I had the pleasure of working 3 of the days that the inspectorators were present.  We had a good report and will thankfully not see them again, unless they just decided to come for a visit, for about three years.  WHEW.

Friday I took a 3 hour nap and then I just went to bed around 8 pm. I was so so tired.

Today I woke up after having horrible race nightmares…In my dream, I forgot my race number, I forgot my shoes….I was too slow to get to the start line in time… Usually I am raring to go on race day, but…not today.  If I had not registered ahead of time, I would not have gone.

I finally got up and got dressed, and actually did come very close to leaving the house without my running shoes.  I looked for them though in the car and realized they were in the laundry room.

I got to the race in time to get my packet and fool around.  I texted some of the people I knew would be there, but then, I put the phone in the car, and just chatted with whomever would chat with me.  Winter Park Road race, is actually a 2 mile race and a 10K.  You can do both if you like, but I usually just do the 10K. I did a “distance dare” (the term the race company uses)  once, and I really really felt miserable when it was all over. There was just enough time between the races for me to get Stiff!   So I stood as a spectator and cheered on several of my running friends who were less chicken than I was!!!!

Then we all lined up to run the big event race…

Probably because of the Schwag that was offered because it was an anniversary race, the place seemed more crowded than it was last year…though last year I recall it seemed pretty crowded as well.  It took me a full 2 minutes to get over the start line, walking.

Once we started running I found myself in a sea of runners/walkers/joggers.  It was really hard to get past them.  And I am sure there were people behind me experiencing the same problems.  There were about 3000 runners all trying to squeeze down a brick road.  So, I looked on the bright side.  I ran as fast I could with all the people around me, and I ended up running about an 11 minute mile.  On the bright side…I surely had no risk of going out too fast.  And the people were friendly and fun to run around.  The bricks, were, as I remembered, not so fun.

After the crowd thinned out, I really noticed that it was really humid and a little bit warm.  I was actually feeling a tiny bit of discomfort at my surgical site, despite wearing my high compression shorts and sleeves.  So I slowed down and kind of slogged through the race.  The worst part  seemed to come between miles 2 and 3 I just was so miserable.  I of course realized that I was not running the pace I expected to be running, and I had the realization that I had a lot of miles in front of me.  I adjusted my goal from the 1:08 to finishing with a PR.

After about mile 3 I realized I was working on mile 4 and that I was close to the finish.  Mile 5-6 was not exactly that fun either.  There was just something about the race.  Most likely I was too tired.

I did finally finish, and met up with some friends which was fun.  We strolled about and looked at all sorts of things… I met a woman from the gym, and she was very sweet,  turns out she took first in both races.  oooph!

Then I went home and slept again for about another 4 hours.

Yes, a PR.  No not a great race.  I am glad it is complete, and I think I’ll avoid it next year.  I hate those bricks…


5 thoughts on “Winter Park Road Race Report

  1. Warm, humid air sucks the energy right out of me, as do crowds, so I’m impressed you were able to push on and finish. I think it’s important to have a good time while you’re doing something challenging, so it sounds like a good race to me, as disappointed as you were by the time. Hope you have a better week ahead!

  2. I used to love doing the Winter Park Road Race. I lived in Jensen Beach and would drive up and stay at The Park Plaza. I would ride a mountain bike around town, eat crepes and run over by Rollins College. I never PR’d because of the course, cobblestone and running 2 races! But I loved the environment. Sorry you didnt have the race you desired… On the brighter side, you did something the vast majority of people never do – you trained, you got up, and you raced. And we can always bank that.

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