Felling a little tiny bit Stressed OUT.

My life is totally changing at what seems like light speed.   I’m sort of frustrated because I just have not had time to catch my breath. last week I was offerred the new job and accepted, then the inspectors came and it was just a whirlwind.  Plus I adopted the new running plan, and so that was a little scary.

I’ve been trying to make an MD appointment, and it would seem my Doc in Orlando is very busy. So yesterday they asked me to stay late for work, and I agreed, with the condition that I have 4 hours on Thursday morning off.  No problem.  Now I could make the only appointment my Doctor had and also go to massage today and do my work.

Suddenly around 4 or 5 oclock last night my new colleague from the Quality department drops in.  I  am a little sad because I look horrible!  I had planned on hitting the gym at 3 pm, not working all day, so I looked a little you know…like I had been in and out of patient rooms all day long. She and I had a chat and it seems there is an important meeting regarding a project that I am to spearhead.  On Thursday.  I can still get to the Doctor appointment.  But I need to do my appointment, rush home, attend a meeting and then go straight to work…. I want to do one job only.  But what cna one say.  I want to do the IC thing, and if I am to spearhead a project, it is extremely wonderful to be asked to the meeting.  Nothing worse than “Oh we decided this and that in the meeting you missed”   I don’t seem to have any of the info that will be discussed at the meeting though, so I am a bit concerned.

I rescheduled all of my massage appointments for saturdays after next week, since I am now a 9-5er.  Every time I do something at work, it sort of makes me surprised to think that in less than 10 days I will not be putting in IV’s or handling medications, or doing CPR at all.  I feel like I don’t have any time to process anything.

to combat this, I have been putting shifts up for offer on the tradeboard, but of course, no one really wants them.  And I am trying to relax and know that in a week or so I will only have one focus.

Arugh.  We shall see how April goes…


2 thoughts on “Felling a little tiny bit Stressed OUT.

  1. Oh dear. It’s so frustrating when you’re asked to rearrange your entire schedule for something at work. They should treat you to lunch, or buy you a box of chocolate Easter bunnies after doing that. I hope you have a more relaxing weekend and April will be better. Two more days to Saturday, right?

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