New Goals….

For April, May June.  I think going every 3 months will work fairly well for me this year.

So lets start with what I want to continue.

1. Dog care.  I would like to continue to be a better Dog Mom.  Initially I think I was just thinking about essentially walking him more.  But I am also trying to keep up on his grooming and nails.  Both Nail trimming and grooming take a lot of patience from me.  Teulu gets a bit nervous and so I usually have to do a little at a time.  But as we work on this he does get easier.  So that one stays.

2.  Running.  Well. it has been quite the roller coaster in the past weeks.  No more coach, new training plan, etc.  I ran possibly a PR today in the 5K and won my age group, but the race was so disorganized I am not counting it as one.

I’d like to be well entrenched in my training plan for my Half in july by the end of these three months.  Given the big change in my job this is going to take some dedication…and juggling.  especially in April, the first month of the job.  I start April 9th.  So we’ll see how I can do.

Biggest thing is to avoid injury!  And I have regained 3 of the 10 pounds I have lost.  I need to leave them again and leave about 8 more.  Ugh….

3. New Job.  Well.  I am going through a transition that is huge.  Essentially I always think of staff nursing as a JOB, not a career.  In that I arrive at work, I do the work, and I go home.  I do not take work home.  I’m not responsible for any kind of ongoing initiatives etc.  So…Essentially it is a lot like working at a factory.

Now, I will also go to work, do the work and go home.  But I will be taking work home, mostly in the form of reading and such.  I will be responsible for ongoing initiatives at the hospital, and having to take some responsibilities for outcomes.  I will also be working on my Master’s Degree in Public Health AND the certification exam for the CIC.

So it is really different.  I’m not 100% sure I will like the change.  In fact, part of me feels very resistant.  On the other hand…there are so many exhausting pitfalls to bedside nursing that part of me also feels very thrilled to be suddenly going to work in the office part of the hospital, in clean clothing, things will be quieter and I will have time to think as I try to solve problems.

So for April, May, June, I’d like to focus on the job.


1. establishing a work pattern.

2. getting more used to doing reading in my off time.

3. enrollment into the UF certificate program.

At this point, I am not exactly sure what the actual routine of the work day will be.  If I can get that down I think I will feel successful for the first 3 months.

So thats all!  i think my main thing is to really really focus on the work and being more organized that I normally am.

Wish me luck!


9 thoughts on “New Goals….

  1. Sounds like you have a good plan.
    I really hope you love your new position and settle in very quickly.
    I bet Teulu will love the new schedule once you are settled in to the M-F 9-5 routine.

  2. I like the “every three months” idea for goals. I wanna hear more about the 5K!

    Oh and how do you pronounce your dog’s name?!

      • Kara, the race itself was such a MESS! I have not even bothered to put a race report up. The course was short, or I missed a quarter mile of it…or my Garmin is off and I ran the tangents really well…which is why I am not considering it a PR. But I did get a nice plaque for the laundry room. I’m still annoyed by the whole thing! I wanted a chip time on asphalt, no bricks or dirt or anything…not a plaque!!!!!!

        Teulu….is a welsh name pronounced more like “Ty-Lee” so I just call him tylee, and spell it that way for the veterinarian…I tell them it is a cultural thing. Next dog I get is going to be named rufus.

  3. Jayne Richards says:

    I’m very excited for the changes in your life. Change always brings some nervousness, lots of transition, and figuring things out, but isn’t that what life is all about? I know you will do well in this new phase of life. Go get it, gal!

  4. I think you will love the “routine” work schedule…I bet it will be a big help to your running training too, knowing when you will be working and such on a regular basis. Very excited for you!

    Also, great job with your running thus far. After such a rough year last year with your hip, I am so happy to see things really going great guns for you in that department!!

  5. Administrative work is relevant-reading and data-heavy. I’ve yet to meet someone who enjoys it 100%, but with the responsibility comes (I hope) good or better pay and less grunt work. I did feel sorry for the one friend who loved to read poetry but spent most of her time at home reading reports and journals. I would remind her however that she earned twice as much as me, and no one expected her to grade papers or herd students around campus. So there are always tradeoffs. Hope you enjoy yours.

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