New Years Resolutions…how am I doing.

Well.  March has come and gone.  It was NUTS.

I may have to completely revamp all my goals  just based on March.

Certified Emergency Nurse Exam:  Well Scrap this one.  As of April 9th, I won’t even be an Emergency Nurse anymore.  I will not be qualified to sit for the Infection Prevention exam until 3 years, soooo… check this off my list.

PR Running:  Going well.   In March I had a Half Marathon PR and a 10K PR.  the 10K PR was disappointing, but hey it was a PR.  I have a 5K on April 1, sooo, we shall see if I PR again. I am hoping to .

Work:  I did have perfect attendance in March, so 3 months of work with no sick days.  I was recommended by my Manager for this new position, so as far as Job things go things are on the up and Up.  Now, to set some new goals to help me keep moving up.

Dog:  the dog has gotten the short end of the stick this month.  He has not been totally ignored, but I did not really walk him that much.  It is getting hotter and he is less inclined to ambulate much,  but Perhaps in April I can pick it up again.

Dating?  Hmmm.


So, I think tomorrow after I do my little race thing, I need to sit and think upon some new goals.  Perhaps i need to just make quarterly ones instead of New Years ones.


3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions…how am I doing.

  1. This is why I don’t even try to make New Year’s resolutions. Life changes too quickly: what looked like a “need” turned into a “want” or even a “don’t need;” schedules get adjusted; what seemed like a good idea originally turns out to be “not so much.”

    That said, I still think you’ve done a LOT in the past three months. I hope you really enjoy your new job. I do hope you get to spend more time with the dog. Quality time with a pup is always good!

  2. I love your idea of “quarterly” goals! Three months is a great increment to plan and acheive almost everything. Much easier to manage than an entire year all at once.

    Also, I can’t get over how much you’ve done in this first three months – I am SO excited for your new work adventures. While it is a big change, I know you are up for the challenge!

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