You’d think I’d get a discount!!!!

So….As many of you know I am a total fan of the Zensah High compression shorts.  they have allowed me to run well.


Today I got an email letting me know the shorts (which were out of stock), are back in stock.

Wow, I’m now Quotable!

I don’t mind, because I do LOVE my shorts.  3 months after I bought the first pair, they are holding up great, even with being washed at least 2 times a week.

I really can not recommend them enough. Both my shorts and the calf sleeves I have are perfect and do exactly what they say they will do.  The running skirt I got for 9.99 from them, well…I like it, but it’s more delicate and I may rip it to shreds.

So Cool!   Wish they had linked to my site, so I could have more traffic as well.

Still Zensah remains my favorite running brand these days.  Debating a second pair of sleeves…in boring black or white.


9 thoughts on “You’d think I’d get a discount!!!!

  1. LOL! I didn’t even realize the Zensah email in my inbox had your name on it! (In my defense, I didn’t open it until I read your blog.) That’s awesome! (p.s. Nothing wrong with boring black… or pink … or blue … or beige…. or….. 🙂

  2. Wow! Did they ask for your permission to quote you in the ad? If this was a non-profit, it might be okay, but these guys are planning to make money on your good opinion. As you said, at least they should have provided a link to your blog! And given you a lifetime discount, or a free pair of shorts.

    Are you running in the Boston Marathon? I thought seeing the logo there was a little odd.

    • It’s a pubic opinion that I printed! I do not mind being quoted, because it is true, they really really work. and I’ll always say that.

      Nope I am not running Boston, but Zensah will be there and have a nice booth, and thats why the logo is there. it’s just an ad!

  3. So cool! You’re famous! Now I really want those shorts…I sure do love my compression socks…shorts have to be that much better, right?!

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