First Day….

And I have one word.  Yeeech.

I did look fabulous, if I do say so myself. 

So that part covered, I then sat in an office for almost 2 hours chatting away with essentially my new manager.  The Medical Director came over and we chatted some more. They of course ended asking what sorts of questions I had and how could they support me.  I was totally wanting to have questions, but I really have none yet.

After that I drove on down to our Parent Hospital.  I met with the Manager there and then sat for almost 4 hours, being shown a computer system.   He was very nice, and all. But at the same time I was a little bit irritated and tired all rolled into one.  It is the general upheaval and trying to learn.  I also feel so wholly inadequate that it is just somewhat wearing.  On top of it all… the traffic between my home and the parent hospital is really frightening.  9 more days of this, and then I am back at the home place.   Hopefully all will go well.  At least my wardrobe seems to be holding up!


5 thoughts on “First Day….

  1. Oh dear. Well, I can’t even remember when I had a good first day at any job. It’s rough: you have so much to learn on that first day, and they have so many expectations of you. On my last job, I got whisked from one office to another so fast I couldn’t remember where anything was the next day. I had to ask students where the cafeteria and the restrooms were! Once you’ve adjusted however, it has to get better.

    I love those old pattern styles, btw. They remind me of when my mother and grandmother used to sew their own clothes at home. I tried doing it myself, and it was so frustrating, I ended up throwing away the pieces halfway through the project. It’s a lost art, but one I’m glad most of us don’t have to practice.

  2. It’s all about the outfit, right?! 🙂

    Don’t worry – it will get better as you become more comfortable in the job I’m sure!

  3. I always say, “beware of the third day”. That is when the information overload set in, and mental exhaustion and the day you are going to think “OMG what have I done taking this job.” It passes, and you will be fantastic! Best wishes.

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