Week two!

This was an anxiety ridden and frustrating week.

I was at our other facility training again.

I was able to attend some interesting meetings.  They really were interesting.  I know…it seems like an oxymoron….but I guess when one is doing something they are really interested in, well the meetings are interesting.

I also got uber familiar with working on our computer system.  I started to become really annoyed with the person back at my home hospital that sort of has been “standing in” for me continued to process all the alerts that came through the system, and always at a very early time.  In fact, one time I was processing one, and went to do the next and he had done them all…

So, I sent a very polite email explaining that I had access to the system so I could do these.  It is my job, after all.  I explained that I had help from the folks down town so he did not need to worry about it.  Sadly, I also discovered a slight problem with the reporting of certain things which may have embarrassed him.  Frankly speaking, he was not doing a very good job at it.  I discovered errors and so spent more time fixing these errors than I would have just investigating the alert.  He has another role and is good at it, so I do not think he feels threatened at all.  But there is an element of CONTROL that seems to be involved.  It’s frustrating, and I am not yet sure how to handle it.  I do know telling him he is wrong is not the way to do that…but this data helps guide us in making decisions, I don’t want it to be incorrect!

Anyway. He may have not read my email.  But he persisted in doing this.  It became VERY annoying.  I went by my hospital around 5 pm and the office which we get to share (whoo hooo, but there are doors between us.)  was dark and locked.  I did however see the head of the office and I frankly explained that I needed him to stop doing this.  He was surprised, but…I found that suddenly…the next day and the next I was able to actually do my job.  MUCH easier to do the job, than to have to back track.  I hope to never bring ANYTHING to him again.  I just did not know how to address it. Now that I will not be remoting in to the hospital I hope we have a better relationship though I think…things may be rocky to begin with.  I am hoping for a small crises in his area of expertise, to allow me to really establish myself!

It is such a tricky situation. I think actually if I can navigate that situation, things will be fine and I can go about my business improving things at the hospital. and Surveilling…and reporting…and such.

On Thursday and Friday I was given a few “tests”  by the folks who had been training me.  We got the same case and went privately and worked it up.  We then compared results to see how I was doing.  Happily, we all agreed.  On one I actually disagreed and researched it a bit further and it turned out I was more correct.  I got the fist bump for that one!

I had a moment of total shock on Thursday as I was sitting and working on a case.  The case was a bit complicated and so I was taking a lot of paper notes and fiddling around.  It was nice and quiet and I suddenly was like, “WOW, I get paid for this.”  pretty neat.  In my old job, one never really had time to sit and THINK about things.  We just had to react.  The down side of this is that I am often thinking about the job while at home.  Ah well.  At least it is interesting thinking.

I thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks of training.  Everyone was very cordial and helpful.  I learned so much!  I love doing this stuff!

Now, I get to take it all back to our hospital and see how things go….

I am concerned about how to interact with this man who is essentially my supervisor.  I respect him, he does a great job at what he does.  I just get the impression that he may try to dictate too much what I should do….


So we shall see.

I did at least go out and update my wardrobe a bit more…so at least I will be dressed for success,  as long as it is business casual success that is….

Running…has not really been going too well.  The 45 min commute both ways and the stress of new faces and places and the strange interaction with my supervisor-y person really took a toll.   I will get a nice long run tomorrow and hope for realignment with my plan this coming week.

one thing that stinks about being a 9-5er is that the pool is hideously crowded ALL the time.  Teulu on the other hand seems to be tolerating it better.  Who knew?


5 thoughts on “Week two!

  1. Ugh, I’ve always hated “territorial disputes” at work. Maybe this guy who was sending out the alerts thought he was helping you out. It is tricky however when he’s your supervisor. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle it, but you may have to be assertive in a friendly way. (And maybe not so friendly. Some people just don’t take polite hints.)

    I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend. It sounds like whatever problems you’ve had with running will be pleasant compared to work!

    • Thanks HG. It’s probably going to be all fine and everything. I tend to be so nervous about the job that I kind of may be overreacting. He is not officially my supervisor but due to seniority and the fact that he has a lot of information I need…I need to figure this out. We will see how it goes…

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