First Real Day!

So I had my first real day as an infection preventionist.

All of my fears turned out to be for NOTHING.

I got there and went straight for my desk.  The other person holding down the “Quality Fort”  came out to greet me, and helped  me get settled.  He admitted that he had a tendency to “stick his nose into others business”  So, I assume he must have been talked to about this by the Medical Director.  So he was pleasant and thoughtful.  I felt much better.

I told him my plan for the day which was to address the surveillance and do a little round to check for compliance with things like handwashing and isolation.  He agreed.

We had New Employee Orientation today and I was going to go and watch the other person do it, but apparently he accidently scheduled a meeting at the same time.  So….Guess who did New Employee Orientation?  Yes, thats me.  I used the slides from the former Infection Preventionist and just went to town.

The group was very small, about 10-11 people.  I managed to get through it.  I did not really feel nervous, but I noted that at one point I was trying to say “Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus”  and my voice was shaking a bit on the Enterococcus….  The lead lady said I did a good job, so that was pretty nice.

I had a quick lunch and then headed back to the computer.

And WOW.  I wished I had a bit of help.  None of the alerts that I had made any sense.  People had things growing in urine that were just terrifically frightening, I was getting several emails from other hospitals about patients that were gone a long time ago.  And None of the patients actually fit into a nice defined category.  Even my simple surgical site infection  turned out to not be a Surgical site infection…SO.  I felt a lot less confident.  And I did not want to ask for help because of course, I know that  he was not doing anything near correctly.  UGH.

My rounds went really well.  Got to meet lots of folks, and say Hi to people I already knew.  Everyone was coming by to try to help me set up my phone greeting, my vocera, and getting the old Infection Preventionists name off of everything.  I actually don’t care about it, name whatever, as long as I keep my job.

The CMO came by and told me to work on my “grid” to be sure everything gets done”  so yay for that.  I just have to get a bit more settled.

I was a little overwhelmed.  I was also surprised at how much more relaxed everything is in administration.  Firstly it is QUIET.  The phone rings but it is not like working in the Emergency Department.   You can actually stop and think, or take a long lunch, or stop and chat with no rushing off.  After all, the work is not really going anywhere.

So… Onwards.


6 thoughts on “First Real Day!

    • I find I feel so much more relaxed and able to think….without all the extra chaos. but today we have learned there is a search for a new medical Director, so lots of change. i do worry about my new position, but…I guess I can go back to the ER….

  1. It sounds like you’re getting plenty of support, so that’s great. It means the people you’re working with are willing to help you and want to see you do well, which is always a plus in a new job. Are you going through a probationary period before you know you have this job for keeps? I’ve always found that nerve-wracking, though I’ve never failed to pass one.

    You’re doing great: just remind yourself you are human and it’s normal to be flustered while you’re learning new stuff.

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