One week down.

Well, I survived my first week as an Infection Preventionist.

It was a  little bit fun, a little bit frustrating and a little bit of crazy all mixed into one.

I really enjoy the surveillance of the hospital.  It is interesting to see how things happen.  I am such a nerd about these things.  I also enjoyed meeting everyone again in my new capacity.  Lots of people had all sorts of questions, some I knew the answers to and some that I had to go look up.  Apparently there has been a dearth of information provided in the last few years, Soooo.

I feel a bit like an Octopus:

I have to be involved in so many new and different aspects of the

Hospital that it can be hard to know where to begin and what to address first.   I do surveillance for infections and report all of our Hospital Acquired Infections to the CDC.

I run a handwashing surveillance, and am responsible for the entire hand washing program in the hospital.

I monitor for compliance on Isolation.  This includes what people do when they enter and exit the rooms, AND monitoring how environmental services cleans after the patient is discharged.

I’m responsible for the Employee Flu Vaccination program starting in the fall.

I’m responsible for making sure that places like the Operating Rooms are actually not transmitting infections, so this involves inspecting things like air filters and push boxes.

I give welcome talks to both the volunteers and also new staff members for orientation.


And I provide data to the units on how well they are doing.   I think there is a bit more, but thats all I can think of.  My phone at work has not stopped ringing.

One moment I am working with Nurses on a hand washing activity, 20  minutes later I am hanging out with the Environmental Services staff observing their room cleaning, and an hour after that I might be presenting a report with recommendations to a variety of committees.  It actually is a lot of fun.

I feel a lot less stressed now than I did.  I do feel pressure to produce some useful numbers soon.  so I have been working on those!

Running and exercise in general has been going along at a bit of a reduced rate, but still going on.  I am seeing it as a bit secondary until I learn the job a little more, but I am enjoying it  I have lost my ipod so the long runs on the weekend are really a pain.  So Onward and upward.



I know these are boring, so I shall try soon to spice this up!


6 thoughts on “One week down.

  1. It’s not boring at ALL! I work in a hospital laboratory and our infection control department is a great group of people!
    Wow, you have your eight arms in so many pots! (love the Octopus!) I hope you continue to enjoy it and get into the groove real soon!

  2. It’s sounds like you’ll never get bored with all the different things you have to do! The stress will probably never go away completely, but there will be less and less as you master all the tricks of the job.

    You lost your iPod? Oh no! I used to dismiss it as some silly gadget for the kids, but now I don’t know what I’d do without it. Even when I’m not in the mood for music, I use it to listen to our local public radio for the news. I don’t suppose you can buy one of those refurbished ones that cost $50 or a little more?

  3. On a different not, do you watch Doc martin on PBS? Its entertaining to be sure, but I’ve wondered how a doctor, no matter how brillant, could make what seem to be some very snap diagnosis.

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