Life’s Little Updates


Week two must be the time for things to hit the fan, as they say!

I found myself being “tested”  in obnoxious and silly ways.

Our intensivist insists on peppering me with questions regarding appropriate antibiotic choices for certain diseases.  This is nice, except that knowing appropriate antibiotic choices is no where in my job description.  I was amused when our clinical nurse specialist (She does education for the staff nurses and for the patients)  said, “Well you’ll need that for your certification exam.  LOL!    The closest thing regarding antimicrobials that will be on the exam is knowing if it is prophylactic,empiric, or theraputic in use.  The exam is heavy in working with statistics not treatment of patients.  SO of course, she has no idea what is on that exam, she was just being kind of a Bi$&*%.

A second intensivist this week essentially hollered at me that I was “not doing my job well”  because I had to send a ventilator acquired pneumonia to the NHSN, as is our agreement.  This pneumonia was reviewed by multiple other people who also agreed.  It was rather annoying, and kind of amazing to me that these physicians feel that they can just be completely rude to people.   I am used to Emergency Doctors.  They tend to be a lot more relaxed.  It seems that MD’s really do not want to be seen as causing a pneumonia- even if it is really obvious that they did cause it, even if they prescribed a new antibiotic for it…etc etc etc.  SO it’s touchy.  Luckily in 2013 they are changing the criteria since everyone across the country is having the same problem of being screamed at.  No more looking at vague chest xrays.  Hallelujah!  In fact, this yelling is why the nurse prior to me quit.  She thought it ridiculous.  I think it ridiculous, but I am willing and able to roll my eyes and move on.  The pneumonia met criteria, I have to call it.

So, lets say, I am not fond of the intensivists this week.

On the plus side, I met with and started to work with one of the nurse managers of an area of the hospital that sees a moderate amount of infections.  She has been a real boost to my spirits.  She calls me once or twice a day for information, and to ask for statistics.  Since I am new to the position, I need credibility, and to be called for things means that people are learning to trust me.  Of course, it also means that I spent the better part of the weekend staring at these infections, preparing them into a report for some Doctors and the Nurse Manager.

The Floor Nurses are also calling frequently asking if they can take or put people in and out of isolation. I do wish they would stop calling about what type of isolation patients need- as it is in a book on the unit AND in the computer, but hey…at least they are calling.   They trust me to help them, which is again great.

On Friday I had a pow wow with my new quasi supervisor.  He was the one I was so worried about, but I can see now that I do have his full support.  He told me he felt I was doing well and growing a lot and that I was doing much better than expected given my level of training.  This was nice.  Right after that I had to enforce one of out unpopular policies to a friend who wanted me to tell her something else.  WOW  that was not fun, no wonder they say it’s lonely at the top.










Running is going a bit better.  I’m starting to get some normal mileage. My left high hammie has been causing me a lot of frustration.  I went and visited my PT and he gently but firmly reminded me of several of the rehab exercises I had started to neglect as I was “out of rehab”  yeah.  SO…starting back on those.   Secondarily I visited at the Massage therapists and she finally untangled the knot and it does feel better today.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  I’m enjoying my long runs which is great, the summer weather is intense which is awful.  I gave up on the FIRST plan.  It is a great plan.  I just think with the new job and with the “recent” surgery it may not have been the best plan for me.  I am mostly doing just miles now instead of speed workouts.  Perhaps after the Half in July, I can do some speed workouts…but I do think they were responsible for a lot of the tightening in my lefty.  I mean those muscles still are weaker than the others, and things like speed work tend to set them up for injury.

Not too much else going on.  I admit!


6 thoughts on “Life’s Little Updates

  1. He told me he felt I was doing well and growing a lot and that I was doing much better than expected given my level of training.

    Did they offer you any training before you took the wheel? I have to confess that if I heard that from my quasi-supervisor, my hackles would rise. Blargh. It sounds like they expected an awful lot from you, given it’s only your second week on the job. I’d think the first intensivist (this is a physician, right?) should know by himself what antibiotics to use for a particular disease. It’s what they went to medical school for—hello, medical database and research. The second one was just being a jerk. I love [not] people who refuse to admit they made a mistake and blame everyone else for their ineptitude. Blargh again.

    I hope you’re enjoying your weekend anyway. It suddenly got summer-like again here, but the wind is so strong the air outside is unpleasantly dusty and pollen-ish. Not a good day for cycling or doing much outdoors, really.

    • I think he meant it as a compliment, and I think his actual phrase was “exceeding expectations” which sounds a little nicer. But whatever the case….it’s always better to be doing better than expected, rather than worse than expected… you know!

  2. Sounds like you’re settling in at work, even while you’re still working out the kinks. And, there are always kinks. Nice going, and keep on building those miles. The summer is upon us, so I’m just working on moving forward. Speed is a happy by-product when it happens.

  3. Well, it sounds like your new job is keeping you quite busy! It always takes a bit of time for people to come around and trust but it sounds like you are making great strides. There will always be people that push your buttons, or try to, for some reason. This seems to happen a lot when someone is new at a job. I’ve seen this quite often. After a while though they stop. Not sure why that is. A testing of waters perhaps?

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