Week three of the new job Saga

Week three was pretty much Up and Down.

I called my first VAP.  Ventilator Acquired Pneumonia.  It was the one that the Substitute Intensivist hollered at me about.  Turns out he is sort of an ass.  He did not perform well in many many areas that week, and he will not be back in our ICU again.  The VAP is a big deal as our goal for the year was 0.  We have 2.  Luckily it allowed me to put the push on for a Hi-Lo evac endotracheal tube which was proposed several years ago and got the shaft.   It is a good tool for preventing these problems.

I got a variety of mixed messages from our regular intensivist.  He has adopted an area of the ICU as his “office”  It is in an area that was designed to be a nurses station- so it is open, no doors, and the paneling on it is glass.  I like an idiot didn’t really catch that this area was like an office to him.  So I approached him there a few times this week.  On friday, he told me he thought I was interrupting him and such.  I was embarrassed.  I thought about it and realized I had not really seen that area as his private space, and that I had been interrupting him.  We are constantly having to interrupt the Doctors in the ED that I suppose it has become sort of my norm.  I apologized,  and I was clearly wrong, but I also am frankly a little sick of his special attitude.  One minute he is very nice, and the next he is not so pleasant.  Luckily he is not my boss.

I have managed to make it clear this week that I do not work for him.  He was badgering me about starting Antimicrobial stewardship within the hospital.  It’s a topic that I am interested in, but do not have the time for, and do not have a mandate to do it within my job description.  I explained to him that I was interested and would love to do it, but that I was bogged down with Surgical Site Infections.  All of a sudden he seemed to realize that I do indeed have other responsibilities other than the areas of the hospital he is dealing with.  Blah.  Doctors and their special attitudes.

they REALLY are not this bad, and the one I am having problems with is not at all like this, but some days……

My goal for the next week or so is to avoid him!  He is an excellent Physician, and he cares about his patients, but he is not someone I think I will develop a close relationship with.

Next week I have to kick off the big JACHO required “handwashing program”  I’m loaded up with candy and educational questions for the staff, as well as the glitterbug activity.

As you can see…this is an interesting activity.  Sadly…it has been done over an over again.  But…I tried it with 3 volunteer staff, nurses, the other day and all 3 of them siad, “OMG, that makes me want to wash my hands better”  So…  it seems to still have an effect.

We’ll see.  At least when it is done, I can say I educated the staff.

I am also doing orientation for the volunteers…whoo Hooo….

and working on re-doing orientation for the new staff.

Plus I feel I am thinking about the flu too early, but I have to have that program ready by June.  And all the other regular stuff.

Running is up and down.  I am still having a lot of pain in my hip.  Boo.  It appears it is related to not keeping up well on my PT exercises!  SO I restarted them this week and am having some success in decreasing the pain.  Massage is helping as well, but I am finding that my Massage lady is really really scattered these days, as it is about time for her to head out to London, so that place is crawling with track and field people.  I am glad to have an appointment.  I just have to keep directing her to the painful parts.  otherwise I get an all over massage that helps in general, but doesn’t hit the hard spots.

Not much else going on.  I’m reading a lot and focusing a lot of work.  I have noted though that I am beginning to feel like I am getting the tiniest bit more time to my self… Yay




4 thoughts on “Week three of the new job Saga

  1. My hat is off to you! You have a ton of responsibilites and having to deal with sometimes moody doctors and nurses can’t be easy. But, it sounds like you can handle it just fine! Good luck!

  2. Yikes, you disappeared from my “Blogs I Follow” page! I had to search for you via old email notifications. It sounds challenging, but it also sounds like you’ve been able to rise to and above it. The doctor who took over the nurses’ station as his “office” sounds, hm, entitled. I’m sure working in an ICU is stressful, but that’s no excuse for being rude to the other staff on the floor.

    At our college I used to work alongside nursing instructors, who were meticulous about washing their hands. They put up a poster on good handwashing techniques in the women’s room down the hall from our offices: I suspect they noticed some of our colleagues and students weren’t even bothering to wash their hands after using the restroom. But after I started following the instructions, I noticed I had a lot fewer colds and stomach bugs in the winter. It works!

  3. Three weeks already! For awhile our work bathrooms had posters in them about the importance of washing hands properly and suggesting the adequate amount of time was the time it takes to sing “happy birthday” twice.

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