Life Updates!!!

Wow, It is almost JUNE!

I have noticed it as really summer.   Three tell tale signs here in Florida.

Our ICU is looking like

We have 16 beds,  4 were filled this week, and 2 of them filled with people that I think were questionably ICU status.

Makes for some relief.  I think we will be getting through this month without any Ventilator Associated Pneumonia.  Never mind that it is because we have had limited people on the ventilator.  It is still great!

Check out more interesting weather cartoons on the web…

It has been 97% humidity.  I always forget how the humidity is here.  Whew!!!  Been pretty wet!

And we are rapidly approaching hurricane season. Although they are predicting a light season, but  we have already had 2 named tropical storms, including Beryl which is bear down a bit of the east coast…currently.

So who knows.  But it is summer, even if the official start is later in June.

I am moving along fairly well at work.  We are getting our Hand hygiene campaign off to a nice start.  On June First,  one unit will be trying out something that a Sentara Hospital had great luck with...  I am crossing my fingers that it works well.

This week I will be doing a New Graduate Nurse orientation.   At my last orientation, I was disappointed in my lack of attention grabbing skills.  Unlike Flamingo Dancer, I am not really a natural teacher.   I am a lover of complex puzzles and murder mysteries.  So the most twists and turns, the more closely I tune in.  For most people, the more complicated things get, the less they tune in.  SO…I am reworking the presentation. My Mother, of all people, gave me a contact with a Media person she knows  (Keep in mind my Mom is a retiree who is nearing 70) who has been helping me to insert some video clips into power point.  Whoo Hoo.  My Mom rocks!  Her friend rocks as well!

The end result of this is the peppering of my presentation with small 30 second clips from the old TV shows M*A*S*H, Scrubs, and ER.  Hopefully all these clips will help keep everyone focused, a little better!

For the new Grads, I feel like a genius, as I found this video


I love this, and frankly, it’s one of the most accurate, and very appropriate videos regarding nursing yet.  Nothing offensive, and yet, not all sugar and candy and fluff either!   Nursing as a career, rocks…though it isn’t easy.  Hoping I inspire the Nurses to wash their hands…


Running.  Well.

I got really off track over the last two weeks.  I missed my long runs.  I went out to the trail to do them, but I found I was completely unable.  One week I ran one mile, and the next I was able to cover 4.  Parts of my hip area were really sore.  After the second week, I got wise and changed my shoes.  Indeed it would appear that my shoes were worn out.

I ran 9 yesterday with so-so results, but I did get the run in, and I think I’ll be doing a bit better from here on out.  The heat and humidity really got to me.   So onwards.

I still have the Half in July.  And I admit, I really am regretting that choice.  This time of year, training is really hard.  Most of us Floridians slack off a bit and do shorter distances. and then we ramp it up in September.  Ah well…I made my choices.

Teulu is improving as well.  He has learned to like some grooming, so all is going along well!




4 thoughts on “Life Updates!!!

  1. Sounds like life is good these days! I absolutely can’t imagine running in the summer down there. Even up here the humidity kills me…so I find it extremely impressive that you do it regularly (any length of run). Happy almost June!

  2. Good for you, finding those videos for your presentation. It’s sad but true: the new generation of 20-somethings can’t sit through a session that’s all lecture and a few handouts. You have to throw in PowerPoint and videos and graphics, because they’re so used to watching everything on TV or the internet. We used to joke at the college that we couldn’t keep some students’ attention from wandering to their smartphones and laptops, even if we juggled chainsaws and flaming torches. Since you were working with graduates, hopefully they were more mature and attentive.

    • We will see on Friday! it took a long time to clip the video…so I hope it will be worth it. I do think sitting in classrooms for days on end in orientation can make a person bored, especially nurses, as we are used to moving…But it is hard to keep attention. I always wonder if I just sent texts out mid lecture if they would remember the text better as it was seen as a distraction!

      • That would be funny! While you’re talking, send them all a text. “Point #1 did everyone get that?” It would wake up even the more distracted ones.

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