Life’s updates

I skipped last week, there was not that much that I felt like blogging about.

This week, things are looking up a bit.

Work is still work.   I am concerned as we seem to be having an administrative clean out.  My first day of work it was the Chief Medical officer.  This Friday it was the Chief Nursing Officer.  Who knows who is next.  I keep thinking no one, but then again, i thought the CNO was excellent.  The CMO, I was less impressed with.  These days though, I miss him.

High and low lights of my last couple of weeks.

* huge argument with the housekeeper regarding a tiny bit of extra cleaning to make sure we did not have an outbreak of something.(They don’t like to clean with certain agents, as they are a little caustic, but they are the agents that kill.  We are talking about household strength bleach here, not cancer causing agents). I won.

* Big WIN at orientation.  Did my presentation with the videos, and the new grads liked them.  The new Grads of course are not like new Grads used to be, if they really ever used to be that way.  They question everything and still think they know more than anyone else.  That goes on for about 4-6 months. Nice thing was that the head of education sat in on my presentation and at the review, stated in front of my Boss that she felt it was “Very Nicely done”  Those public recognitions are important.

*Processed my first round of handwashing data…and am now invited to the Surgical meeting to discuss the perception that Surgeons do not wash their hands when seeing patients.  Some Unit Managers were not pleased with their handwashing data, and chose not to share with staff.  I am hoping that changes over time, since one of the Joint commission questions is “do you get feedback on your handwashing”?  But on my end, it was compiled and released.

*I got a TON of the free Stuff I ordered for the Flu.  There are some really great resources out there beyond the CDC that help promote influenza vaccination.  I am also feeling a bit relaxed about the whole flu thing primarily because I realized that the person collecting the data did not read any of the information about collecting the data and so even if we do not vaccinate an extra person this year, our stats should rise a bit.  My goal would be to vaccinate some others though because the Influenza vaccine really does work.  Most of the first people to line up for it are Physicians…and they don’t usually go for gimmicks.

*I got the curtains that had make up and various other substances stained on them at the gym changed.  Apparently just being a gym client was not good enough!  They had been like that for over 6 months to one year.  So glad now that they look good.

So it seems I’m doing OK.

Running is the other thing that is getting me going these days.  I had really lost a lot of fitness starting my job, and now I am fighting to regain it.  I am learning to rearrange my schedule so I can get my training done, and I have learned that even though my Hip and labrum are alright, I need to do a lot of maintenance to maintain my leg in optimal form.  This dip in fitness also reminded me that I am still in some sort of healing phase and so I can not just do as I please.  24 months is the total time he gave me, so Here I go.  It’s been a year and I do think all is well.

I was invited to join a Ragnar Relay!   We will be doing the Miami to Key West relay!   I’ve never done a relay before.  The legs are surprisingly not so long, so I am feeling excited.   I am intimidated by the speed of the racers on my team, but they all told me not to worry about my lack o’ speed and just to be fun.  I can handle that.  (though since it is in January, I am hoping to get a little faster).  Each week since my 2 weeks of failed long runs, I have been taking off time and adding distance, so I am up to 9 miles and about 30 seconds off my best half marathon time at this point.  The Heat and humidity has not helped.  I keep wondering if I might actually run a faster time with a temp at about 55 -65 (rather than 75-80) and a humidity of even say 70% rather than 95%.  But it is Hurricane season here in Florida, so I get to run in it.

I also got a surprise email from a group in South Africa,  offerring some help in training for Comrades Marathon, which I dream of but I am unsure if I will ever be able to do it.

I feel pretty happy…  which is nice.


7 thoughts on “Life’s updates

  1. I noticed you were absent last week. Glad it was for happy (happier?) reasons! This past year the state of CA ordered that all hospital employees who didn’t get a flu shot had to wear masks while at work during the flu season. When I took Dad in for some lab tests back in February, the receptionist was wearing a surgical mask. I must have had a funny expression on my face, because she explained (eyes rolling) that she hadn’t gotten a flu shot. She felt the state was just trying to “humiliate” her and others who didn’t bother to get a shot. I was a bit baffled by her attitude, since employees at Dad’s HMO get shots for free. Unless she had a phobia of needles or religious objections to vaccinations, I don’t know why she wouldn’t get one.

    So you want to run in a marathon in South Africa? That would be exciting!

  2. So glad to hear you are feeling happy!! 🙂 I’m doing a Ragnar too (Upstate NY, Adirondacks) and I’m soo excited! Can’t wait to hear all about yours.

  3. What?! 2014, lady. Put it on your calendar 😉 I hear ya with fighting the fitness thing. I’ve been dealing as well. We’ll get there.

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