So much going on So little time!

Wowee.  Again, What a week.   Flamingo Dancer suggested last week that I sound a little sad.

I do feel a little sad here and there.  It’s an odd case of buyers remorse, which is not a total case.  There are moments when I really wish I could go back to working 3 days a week, with little on-going responsibilities.  But, at the same time, that schedule was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, and I was extremely bored.

These days…not bored.

As far as work goes, I learned this week that those “Very Important” messages from leaders of an organization are generally not written by the leader.  Who Knew?  Part of my job this week was to pen the “very important message about the Influenza vaccine”  for the CEO.  I did a great job!  And while it is shocking, I actually think it makes sense.  I want the CEO to support the influenza vaccination campaign, but…I don’t expect he will know much about it.  This way, i was able to insert little facts and such in there.   He signs it, and voila, group work.  Plus, it will be read more closely oming from the CEO than me…

The second part of my week was preparing a quarterly report.  I quickly ended up wanting to pull out my hair.  There is a lot that goes into a Quarterly report.  Lots and lots of graphs.  And lots of information.  I had no lack of information or graphs, but I really struggled with which graphs would make the most sense and who needs what info.

Note, check out for more hilariously entertaining graphing of songs.

So, I did finally get the graphs done, and attend all needed meetings, I tend to forget that I have meetings.

So while there is a bit of buyers remorse, I do now have a job where, when it is done correctly, will have a large impact on the health of our hospital and community, which is pretty cool…it could be done better by about 3 people. but such is life!


Running is running.  I am enjoying it, but I am out of shape.  I have had to have 2 visits this week with Mona the Massage person.  She is going away on Wednesday,  to massage all the Americans at the Olympic Trials.  Yup.  I am jealous.  She has promised me some photos of my Favorites like Lopez Lomong and of course Tyson Gay.   I’m so proud of Tyson….he has really really come back from a bugger of a surgery and done well with it.  I wish him all the best.  We have some really great runners for the Olympics this year.  I just hate that they are taking my Massage person away with them!  I admit, that I will be delighted when it is August and she and I can both rest, and not worry about when she will be getting me a time.

The first visit was hideous.  it involved 2 hours of being pummelled and stretched.  Today was OK, except for her loosening of my back which made me actually cry.  But I do feel better.  I’ve really been going light on strength exercises…and I see it has not helped me.  My left hip is still much weaker than the right.  So I am doubling those reps on the right side in an attempt to even it out.  When I run it is not notable though.  I am up to a 10 mile long run, which is quite a challenge, as it is hot hot hot and humid out there.   I am going to run a half in July and then regroup.  Hoping to get a Marathon in November…but we shall see..I really need to get one a plan and stay on it….



2 thoughts on “So much going on So little time!

  1. Well…so what if the job could have been better done by three other people. You did it, and others are benefiting from your work. Graphs and charts have never been my thing, but with the right software it’s not the hand-drawn horror that the task was back when I worked at a newspaper. (It’s how I met my husband: he was assigned to create a graph for a story I was working on, and I had to provide him with a set of numbers—which I didn’t have organized. He was very sweet about it and helped me pull the figures from my notes, which told me he was a nice, patient person. 🙂 )

    I take it you got a Swedish massage? I can’t take those—the pounding and stretching make me cry. It took me years to see a shiatsu therapist, who was much more gentle.

  2. It has been so long since I’ve logged in to WP!! A VERY belated congrats on the new job. It sounds like life continues to be busy for you!!!

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