Working girl updates

The last two weeks at work have been quite difficult.  I had to put together a quarterly report, for back when I didn’t even have the job.  UGH.

I had a lot of help from my manager who also manages to make me sort of crazy.

I really struggled with this because I have not done it before.  I have a ton of data.  I can sort out Infections by month, type, floor, rate, rate benchmarked, rate by SCIP procedures, rate by surgeon, rate by service, rate by bacteria associated…and it goes on.

And as I am typing this, I just realized that I thought I was done, but i forgot to complete one graph.  😦  Monday morning for that one!

My Boss was super helpful actually at showing me how to use certain layouts and such so that I can compare things side by side, and also how to condense some information into what matters and what does not.

After that I found her entirely irritating, as she started to delve into our plan for the FY 2012.  our FY starts in October…its almost July, so I am about to start re-writing it anyway.  Grrrrr.  Well…at any rate…It’s an interesting thing.  I am so appreciative of the graphs help, and the help with the agenda…but sometimes she becomes a bit more involved than she should.

Soooo, its always hard to tell where I stand with this woman.  The expectations seem to change like the wind.  The Director position for my office is posted and I surely surely wish they would hire someone…that would get the manager back into her regular position.

Beyond the annual report…  there is the daily grind.  I was able to hand out some freebie magnets to the nurses this week for good handwashing.  I use a Psychological technique known as “random rewards”  .  Staff are rewarded randomly for appropriate behavior, since they do not know when the reward will come, they continue to do the behavior in hopes of a reward.  I’m not so sure it had reinforced the hand hygiene I want. but…it has made the nurses that get the rewards much more receptive to me.  I pin the magnets to the lockers, so it isn’t a pubic thing, they just find them when they go to the locker with a note from infection prevention.  Nurses who got the magnets this week were much more likely to talk to me and interact with me, rather than run and hide, so that is good good news.

It’s very hard to explain every thing I do and the process I am going through in this transition.  Every time I read a post or an update, it does not seem to capture the true essence of the type of stress and the exhaustion that this transition is creating.  I think in part because it is a bit of an insidious stress.  Every weekend I sort of collapse and sleep for an extra 4 hours.  Eventually this will become more normal.

In light of this, my Running has SUCKED!  I am getting slower and slower, and less strong.  I had a real set back atthe beginning of June that took most of this month to resolve.  Thanks to Mona, (who is out there in Eugene this week massaging), I managed to finally untwist my left leg again.  Seems I have not been faithful enough with the strength exercises.  I’m running slightly longer distances than I was back in February and March, but I am not running strong.  Sooo…today I had a total fail on the long run. I ran about 0.6 miles, got fed up, did not want to deal with that for 10 more miles or so, so I turned round and went home.  I had some time to think…and so this is what I’m going to do.

I switched shoes to Brooks purecadence.   I’m not so thrilled with them yet, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.  They wear a little longer than the Saucony Mirages, and  so thats good.  I’m currently switching between the two. I’ve never really done a switch between 2 shoes, but this seems to probably be a good thing for me.

I’m going to up up the strength training, which includes the series of very excellent physical therapy exercises given to me by the worlds best PT.  This seems to be the key for me.

I’m going to keep running.  I have a half Marathon in July.  Not too thrilled about this one.  Man, after a year off, I kind of forgot how beastly hot it gets here in Florida.  

It is really uncomfortable out there.  It is so warm and humid that I am having a hard time determining if my slow down is an actual slow down- or if it is weather related.  I imagine its a bit of both.

I may push back my Marathon.  I found it much easier to train in November through February, so I was thinking, gee, why not find a Marathon in February…rather than November.  At that point I will be more settled in the job (Or back in my old one…I’m still anxious about keeping the job.)  I really lost fitness with the job change, and I think I must accept this and move forward. I just have to find one I like.  I just don’t really want to run the pace I am running at right now for a Marathon.  True, it’s hot and humid (96% humidity these days), but if I can not run a decent pace, there is not point in pretending that having the humidity down at a reasonable 75% will fix that fitness deficit that I have developed….

Other life news.  Hmmm.  Not much going on.  I am doing a lot of interesting reading, and i should post a few book reviews of some of the oddities I have discovered in the local library again…Plus of course I am totally engrossed in the US Olympic Track and field trials.  Oh and I am signed up to volunteer at Disney again for a race…I find doing the volunteer thing is much better than paying through the nose to run there. I get the opportunity to see everyone, get a free t shirt and earn points to free tickets.  So life of course continues to be busy, and kind of stressful, but good.



6 thoughts on “Working girl updates

  1. It was also very hot here, so much so it was almost like winters in Minnesota where people stayed indoors all day, reading and watching TV. The streets in our neighborhood were dead: I normally see at least kids playing in the sprinklers or walking to the pool, but even they disappeared when the thermometer shot past 100.

    Does it cool off in the evenings at all, so you can run then? I suppose a running on a treadmill at a club is a poor substitute for running outdoors, but I’ve found it to be better than no exercise at all. Most of my acquaintances at the library are into swimming and water aerobics, but I hate chlorinated pools. The chemicals in them turn my eyes red and make me feel like I’m soaking in housecleaning solution. :p

    • It never really cools off that much here. Of course this weekend having constant rain and tornado warnings did finally make me hit the treadmill. I’m definitely getting the exercise in, but just not quite the level I would like…are you riding your bike?

      • I haven’t, not recently anyway. I didn’t want to get into it on my blog, but earlier I had a bad experience where a group of kids threw rocks at me as I was riding one day. I’ve heard other people complain that my parents’ neighborhood is a bad place for a woman to walk, run or bike alone. So unless I have the time to lug my bike into the car and drive to a safer area, I don’t ride. 😦

  2. Well, that stinks. I think you all should MOVE. A bike rack might be the next thing from your son. I think I’m in a good place for everything except the half Marathon in Washington State next month…ah well.

    • My son said the same thing: get a rack and go find a trail in a safer area, or move, soon. The neighborhood has been bad since the 70s and my parents still haven’t moved, despite their house being vandalized and burglarized. I don’t know why my father refuses to sell—he seems convinced he can’t afford anything else, when his neighbors, who were all in his age group, sold their homes and moved into lovely retirement communities outside of town.

      Half Marathon in Washington State? Is that in the Seattle area?

  3. Nope, more close to Portland Or. very small race, and I am going to bomb it. May do a new Personal worst, just not training well…but.. its getting better, but it did not get better soon enough.

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