I had a very stressful work week this past week.  In the end things turned out well for me, I think.

I seriously want a bit more flexibility in the schedule.  I mean, I just do not understand how people ever have time to go see the Doctor, or go to the bank, or the Post Office.  I went quickly into the grocery for some things today and the place was alike a madhouse- everyone trying to get the weeks shopping done!

All in all, things seem to now be falling into place.  There are some sticky little problems to handle coming up, but I did not create these problems, so I am delighted to deal with them without having created them!  My main things right now are trying to figure out a hand washing activity for staff that does not involve glo-germ, and is inexpensive, and engaging.  Hmmm.  Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had a great activity where kids and families and staff got to decorate hand shaped cookies with “Germs”

Wonderful hand cookies made for Passover by another wordpresser!

These cookies clearly were not made at CHOP.  THey are so cute, and if you click here, you can see the original post regarding cookies….  Thing is, making cookies, or having them made takes money and time.  Neither of which I have.  SO I am back to imagining things up. most of which require a lot of planning, which I can do for the future but not for August.  So It looks as if I will be stuck with a basket of candy and a bunch of questions about hand washing again.  People do like Candy.  There is also all the inspecting of construction on the hospital, statistics, dealing with the physician who I dislike, and dealing with reporting requirements…so I’m still busy as a bee.

Otherwise….I finally went to see a new Doctor this week. (I had some extra hours to make up!)  I think I am in Doctor Love.   This guy actually sat there and listened to me.  He then actually examined me.  I had mentioned in passing that I did have some problems with allergies- and that my insurance has been refusing to cover Singulair.  He said, well, whats been done about that?  I didn’t really know.  So we started the process of getting a script in to the pharmacy all over again.  I asked if he wanted me to try the albuterol or any other of the cheaper medications.  He said, “WHY?  they aren’t working for you and the singulair is.”  Then he looked in my throat and said, “Oh you REALLY have problems with allergies”… He also recommended some actual books on diet and nutrition. One that I remember was The China Study.  he did not say that everyone should eat this way, but that if I gave some of these books a read, I might find some ways to alter my diet for better health.  This is a regular general physician.  He does advanced lipid management and analysis, so I hope he can help me straighten out my cholesterol as well.  I was so impressed by him I think I told 6 different people how great he was.  They say that people usually talk more about bad experiences at businesses, but I think because it is so rare to go to a Doctor and feel like they listen to you, I had to talk him up!

We ran a free 5K this week.  It was on Thursday night and was in celebration of a new urban fitness trail.  Hmmmm.  85% of the race was on those horrible brick paved streets I despise.  I guess the other 10% was on the new Urban trail!  Three of us went together and it turned out to be the most fun we have all had in a while.

As you can tell from the photo, I have gained some weight.  As soon as I saw the picture of me running I knew it was eat healthier time….big time!  The race was neat though, in the fact that it was FREE and I got a nice new T shirt to wear around town.  I also enjoyed running in an area that was essentially flat.  There were a few little inclines, but nothing much.  Since it was free and spur of the moment, no one had any time goals and we all just really enjoyed trotting around Orlando in the heat of the day!

Teulu the wonder dog is doing well.  He has developed this intense fear of thunder and storms in general.  This is a terrible thing for a Florida Dog!

Not to mention it is a bit hard on the Florida Dog’s owner as well. He does not hide in the closet or anything that convenient. Instead he barks and paces and attempts to climb in my lap.  I was considering a Thunder shirt for him, but then my friend stated that he had used ace bandages in the past with good results.  In frustration, I pulled out an ace wrap today…and voila.  I have a fairly calm dog laying at my feet now.  Sooo,  I am pretty sure the Thunder Shirt works, and I am sure its easy to put on..but I’ll stick with the ace wraps…they are a ltitle more difficult to put on, but given that he is always trying to get as close as possible to me, its not that hard…I’m just glad I found something that works.

The Olympics are starting soon!!!!  I am uber excited.  All sorts of cool people that I have met in person are going to be competing.  I love the Summer Games!!!!!  What is your favorite event?

I’m a little more focused on running these days so I want to make a separate post regarding that…..


4 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. What is the theory behind Thunder Shirts? If you wrap the dog up tightly, they feel less afraid? My little guy used to run up to me and cling to my lap; he wouldn’t let me get up for a second while the storm was going on. The cats on the other hand would just hide under the bed and not appear for the rest of the day.

    Instead of cookies, could you try using construction paper hands and having them decorated with glitter, sequins, confetti, etc.? We did something like that when my kids were doing some sort of “sharing and caring” program. (You gave another person a hand—which sounds corny, but the kids got the message.) But I’d think paper products are a lot cheaper than cookies, even the ones you bake at home.

    • I could, but we really do not have a lot of children at the hospital, and getting adults to decorate paper hands….. They say something about pressure on the body- just as you would swaddle a baby…it does seem to work…

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