Relief and regret….

I had to cancel my travel plans.

Somehow I misread my own ticket.  the very expensive one I bought at short notice.  It had me leaving O-town at 5:10 pm.  I get off work at 4:30 pm and I live 30-45 minutes away from the airport.  Soooo.

I tried to change my flight.   Sure I could but it would have run me an extra 700.00  Wow.  I just did not feel that it was worth spending 1400.00 to fly to Vancouver on Saturday…and then return on Sunday.

This trip was clearly not meant to be.  I had never reserved a hotel, or a rental car.  When I called the vet to board Teulu the wonder dog…they were FULL.  (On July 20th of all things).  I had to take him to a new one.  He for the first time in his 5 year life, showed some sort of “fear” at this place.  Now…I am SURE that this is a good place (Several of my fussy friends use it.).  I do not sunscribe to the dogs innate sense of something “bad”.  I think he was just nervous.  All the same I felt a little sad leaving him somewhere where he looked a wee bit worried.

So, I get to go get him again today.  I will take advantage of the fact that he is at the groomer and beg them to do a summer cut on him.  His coat has been blown for a week or two now and is making him annoyed.  I am brushing it but can not seem to keep up with it.

Even if I had managed to get out there and back.  I had a fairly important meeting on Monday morning, from 8-3pm.  and I wanted to be awake for that one.

After chatting and texting my two friends I discovered that it was also a very very rotten time for my other friend to be do this, so I feel a little less bad.  But I also think that people may not ever make plans with me again since I seem to have to cancel them!

In a lot of ways I feel regret.  I was looking forward to spending some time OUT of Florida in the summer.  I have not seem some of my friends in a LONG time. Plus I wish I could have chosen all this when I still have the cash in my pocket, not after I bought the ticket!

In other ways I feel relief.  No jet lag on Monday.  I was woefully unprepared for the race. I could not find a hotel I wanted to stay in for under 130.00 a night (For a LA QUINTA!).

As my friend said, this was clearly not meant to be.

Well, I do now have a very expensive ticket.  It pretty much will need to be used for the West Coast.  Because if I use it to fly to somewhere else I will be throwing away money.

So we are looking at this race.

The Columbia Gorge Half Marathon!

I need to run a race that weekend.  It looks great all except for the elevation profile!

I tried to find a way to actually SHARE the image of the elevation profile, but I am not that savvy going to have to click the link folks.

For a Florida girl this is intimidating, even for a Clermont FLorida, the Gem of the hills gal.

But…Can I admit…I like the medal.  I never go for medals, but this one is a classy ceramic thing that is arty and interesting to look at.

SOooooooo, I have been sucked in my a medal finally!

It isn’t exactly how I planned it.  But like Davids Story in the Bible….it would appear to be the way that it is going to be, and I can fight it, or accept it.  I think in the end ALL of us are going to enjoy it more…. and I sure hope to be in race shape by then!



6 thoughts on “Relief and regret….

  1. Aw, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. The weather in the Northwest is gorgeous this time of year, with crisp, cold nights and mornings and warm afternoons. My son said they got a freak thunderstorm the other night, but being from the Midwest, he enjoyed it. My kids say they miss thunderstorms in the summer, though I remember everybody huddling in my bed in the middle of the night while it sounded like bombs were going off over our roof.

    The Columbia Gorge is also a beautiful place for a race. Since I’ve only driven through there, I can’t say the elevation is a problem or not. Maybe ask your trainer about how to prepare for a mountain run? 🙂

    • It sounds great. Sadly, I forgot I have a work conference/class that weekend…SO…won’t be doing that one.
      But I’m getting my butt out there for something!

  2. Sorry that didn’t work out but it sounds like there were so many things working against you. There are plenty of races taking place out here when the weather gets a bit cooler if you need some place to use that ticket on, 🙂

    • In a lot of ways having the ticket now is pretty neat, the money is already spent, so now there is no guilt or debate about it. Wheee I do get to go.

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