weirdly, stuff is better.  The big incident at work seems to have passed by easily.  I have a few new crises, but they are not ones that are caused by me, and pretty much only involve me trying to solve the crises mode.  I’m tired but OK.

I’m definitely getting more comfortable with the day to day things.   And I am finding that I am now much more used to the 8-4:30 schedule.  I had to cancel my plans to Washington due to the distance and the short time allowed. My boss noted that I didn’t go, and has been it seems, offering me more and more opportunities to take extra days off.  I think she may have just realise how hard it can be to do typical things on this schedule.

I’ve also realised I’m now in so deep that I can not just leave.  There are so many little projects that I am involved in, if I were to leave, it would take at least 2 weeks of working with everyone to explain what I’ve been up to!

So for today.. Job is status quo.  I am hoping I get through August without any fireworks.

I’m finally also concentrating on stuff that does not involve bugs and germs.

I tried very hard to find another race to run with my friend from out west.  After some hemming and hawing he finally said he usually runs this one race.  I was all about it…but then after sleeping on it, I realised  “He’s just not that into you”.   I have a lot of friends, and of course some are closer than others.  I just realised that I would rather be with people who wanted to see me.  So..

Abrupt change of course.  I’m going to Raleigh NC in November.  I get to see many of the people I used to work with!  I get to run a very scary hilly half Marathon….The City of Oaks Half Marathon… and to top off all the fun,  my friend Jim P. and I have decided to have an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party!

He and I have been collecting “stuff”  for children for months now.  We Think we might have enough for 50-60 boxes!

This is my Stash.  I have found almost everything on sale.  Anything with a heart on it was half price or less after Valentines day, the Rabbits- after Easter, the crayons and pencils are the great back to school deals.  The most expensive thing I have purchased was the snowflake necklace, for a teen girl.  It was on sale and cost maybe 2.50 USD.

I was really excited to find the little baby dolls for 0.50 cents each.  Last year they were 1.00 USD and we only had Caucasian ones.  I wanted the Darker dolls, given that the majority of my boxes went to Africa last year.  Yes, it doesn’t matter, but I like that the dolls will look like the recipients.

I am seriously considering re-learning to knit because I just want to make These puppets!

I just love elephants!  If you also love them…here is a link to the patterms! 

My only worry now is how we will cover the cost of sending about 50 boxes.  I am hoping people come to the packing party with a few bucks!

I know that people in Raleigh is going to be interested in seeing me- and I won’t have to be trying to grab anyone’s attention.  Life really is too short to be trying to get someone excited about seeing you!!!  Once I made the decision, I found myself feeling less pressure about racing and about being around people in general, it will be fun! My friend is not a runner, but he is probably going to volunteer at the race, so we will have that to share as well.  The whole thing is just going to be more fun and less frustration.  I think its so odd how we spend a lot of time trying to impress people that don’t really care, and not enough spending time with people who would love to spend time with us.

My Marathon training started this past week.  I decided to put all that stuff in the blog I had set up for it. Some of (a lot) it is very boring, but it is helping me to focus a bit.   The heat is very unpleasant and body draining…but…It is almost September, when the heat remains but is not quite as bad.

Hope everyone is doing well!


4 thoughts on “Stuff!

  1. Ooh, I’m forwarding the page with the knitting patterns to my older daughter, who’s a very good knitter. Maybe she can make the elephant puppet! But you have to pay to have the boxes shipped to Africa or wherever they’re to go? Whenever I’ve shipped things overseas, it cost me a fortune, so that would keep me from contributing to this program.

    I’m glad your boss is giving you permission to take more days off, though it’s too bad you had to cancel Washington. It’s good to take breaks away from everything at home (though I suppose Teulu [sp?] would disagree).

    • They ask for a donation of 7.00 USD to cover the cost of shipping the boxes, so the cost is not prohibitive, like it would be to send it via the mail. Thank goodness!!! I love that puppet!

  2. I found your blog through the OCC tag! Love your stash picture, especially the baby dolls! Dolls are one of my favorite things to send in girl OCC boxes 🙂

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