I’ve been ignoring this little blog for another….mostly been posting in my training blog, which is a bit Boring as it is often just a recitation of running, and how my body feels.

There is so much I want to put an opinion to and so little time.

So….I probably won’t.

Work has done a big flip-flop 

I had felt things easing off, but…I was not sure if that was my imagination, or just tiredness.  The intensivist Physician who made my life extremely difficult when I first started came by the office yesterday ( at my request). I showed him the “quality board”  we have  that has the measures we are measuring on it and he was thrilled with how nice it looked.  We then sat for a bit and talked about the upcoming critical care meeting, and discussed one particularly “buggy” patient that has us concerned.  After looking at one of the sensitivities we jointly decided that we needed further isolation for that patient…so beyond gowns on to booties gowns and gloves.  At the end of our conversation he suddenly looked at me and said,” you know, you really are doing great.  I’m glad you are here.”  I could have fainted.  After all the belittling and rudeness, he comes out with this?  Like any good kid, or dog, of course I felt immensly pleased.


I admit, this really does not negate the fact that he was very unpleasant to begin with.  But, it is much easier to work with him, if he is accepting and supportive of me.  He is very popular in the hospital, and so his support for anything is crucial.  I was actually also able to tell him that he made things very difficult at the beginning.  He of course, being a MAN and a DOCTOR did not apologise but he did the next best thing…the half apology!  I think in the future…he may change tactics a bit.  He is still young and growing and learning as we all are.

The only thing at work that is a little unusual and probably should not bother me, but does is this.  Our office has a vacant Directors position.  Under the director would be Me, and the Risk Manager and the PI coordinator and the secretary.  There are a few staff people who do data abstracting under the PI coordinator.  Because of the vacancy, the Risk Manager who has been there for 20 years has been promoted to being my manager, which is fine with me.  THe other people in the office however, seem to think that I am on the same level as them, which is also fine, but it makes it a little hard to explain.  They don’t understand why I have the freedom to come ad go as I please (within reason)  and they do not really understand the level of responsibility I have.  So it is kind of a funny position to be in.

Teulu the wonder dog, is recovering from his shaving incident well.  I hate to admit it but as ugly as he looks, I think he is more comfortable.  He has, however scratched a very big sore spot on his face which has required copious cleaning with Peroxide, and of course the cone of shame…

I think he has about 3 days left in the cone.  I hope it is less, but..I really want this to heal.

There are so many cool things going on in the world right now, as well as some very disturbing and sad ones. I just feel overwhelmed with the  Successful landing of Curiosity on Mars… some excellent Olympic performances and some less than excellent ones…the unfairness of it all…that someone’s career as an athlete really rests solely on one or two days!  Some shows of GREAT sportsmanship and some shows of very childish behavior and poor sportsmanship.  I really want to write about it.  But I have very little time.  Maybe tonight. I have been very inspired by these Olympics…not to be more fit, but to just be a better person overall.  I think that is what I should share.

It took 4 months, not the traditional 90 days, but I seem to have survived the “Hazing” period, and come out fairly close to the top. I have adjusted better to the 9-5 type schedule..and learned all sorts of new tricks and tips for saving time.  (Apparently I can get “bedside” delivery of my Singulair, while at work, just like a patient can from Walgreens!!!)  I am learning to do my training with the 9-5 schedule.

Usually when things start to go along fairly well, some sort of crises erupts.  So…I hope it happens soon, so I can deal with it and get on with things.


One thought on “Updates…

  1. Glad that doctor changed his tune. Maybe he was being a guy and joking. But if he’s young, he’s probably learning that you have to deal with people in different ways. so yay! A compliment well deserved I’m sure 🙂

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