Life’s Little updates

Whew.  Life has been hectic.

So so much went on in the past few weeks it is hard to classify everything.

Work is chugging along.

It would appear now that I’ve been doing this job for about 4 months, that my job consists of making graphs, and handling “crises”….

I dislike the crises.  They always come at odd times, and raise up a lot of anxiety in me.  Plus they usually place me into some conflict with various people or departments.

I held my second committee meeting this week, and it was alright, not perfect, but alright. I surely am not an expert in running meetings, yikes.

In addition, I had to present at a Critical Care meeting, which also went “ok”.  i got a bit annoyed at one of the physicians, who was being a bit of a butt, but he was equally “butt-y” to everyone so I just don’t care.

In the midst of this we had our first deadline for submission of data to the National Health Safety Network, which is of course, part of the all powerful CDC.  On Monday, my hospital showed “out of compliance”.  Given that the deadline was Wednesday…I figured I was alright.  I did the download of data and waited for us to come off the naughty list.  They never updated the naughty list, so a great amount of intense fear went into that day as we all scrambled to find some way to create proof of our submission.  It is the first time that the Government will be withholding revenue if we are out of compliance, so people were…having some problems to say the least.

So work, is well, like many peoples work.

Oddly, during this week, I did manage to go out on two dates.   I met a man last year in October, who seemed nice but was only in town temporarily.  He was back in town and contacted me and we went out to dinner and did a spin at the gym and such.  He is a nice man, but he really is a bit older than me.  I think he may have more in common with my Dad than with me, but…at the same time, we have been able to talk for hours and enjoy each others company with no problems…

Not so sure I’m ready to be a couple like that.  Luckily…he lives out of state.  We are planning on doing a Half Marathon together.  And so I have some time to think about it.  Initially I was thinking No, this can’t happen. I was doing all the calculating, when he is X age, I will be X age.  Then a friend of mine reminded me..I may never be that age…so I should probably enjoy whatever I can enjoy…So there’s that thought too.

My Hip seems to be holding up fine.  I’m running OK.  I have put most of my training over on a different Blog, which is really more of a run log….  My main concern is that I seem to be careening towards the Marathon and yet my training seems just “off”.   I’m hitting most workouts, but I just feel Off.  Tomorrow is a big long run, so we will see how that goes. I enlisted a pal to help me, and she is a much faster running, so I am sure I’ll get something done.  I think once I finish off a good successful long, I will feel better.


I have discovered the 17 cent notebooks do fit in shoeboxes.  So I got some today, as well as a Belle doll

for a steal, it was 2.00.  Normally this would retail for about 7.00- which to me is too much to pay for most of my Operation Christmas Child boxes.  I also got in the mail a ton of free samples and such that are totally acceptable for OCC.  One of the best this week was a daisy pin which would be appropriate for an older girl.  For those of you who do OCC  I really do recommend that you sign up for these freebies. I’ve gotten mostly things that are useful for me.  (Laundry detergent, powdered drink samples, coffee samples, maxi pad samples.)  But I have also gotten a cute Mickey Mouse Pin and now this Daisy Pin.  Since they are free, it feels great to add these little things in.

I’m really excited about our packing party this year.  A little nervous as the man who is hosting the party with me seems to be taking a bit too much interest in me….It must be that time in my life.

At any rate, My one thing I need to experiment with is getting the “contact paper”  and trying to use that to cover the shoe boxes.  I know it will make them into something somewhat durable, plus I admit, I HATE wrapping the boxes.

Big plus, I also found some Lego stuff on sale, so part of the Nephews Holidays are taken care of too!

SO things continue…just as they always have I suppose!




5 thoughts on “Life’s Little updates

  1. Years ago I used to date a man who was 24 years my senior. We had a few things in common—an interest in history, books, wines, food, and cats—but there were a number of things that we could never bridge, like tastes in music (his largely stopped at 1970), TV shows, humor (he hated Jim Carrey and my kids loved him), and most importantly, children. He never had any and had no interest in having them. I could see he struggled with sitting through Disney movies and Saturday cartoons, and while he was happy to teach my kids how to play chess, no way was he going to play Yahtzee or Candyland with them. It sounds funny now, but I realized one evening while we were at a video rental shop that we had no future together: he wandered off to the foreign films section to look at French New Wave, while I was with the kids, looking for the latest PG-rated family comedy. He was focused entirely on his interests, while I was focused on my kids. I know you don’t have that issue, but thinking about what your lives will look like ten, 20, 30 years from that third date is important.

    I just gave a backpack filled with school supplies to a local business that was collecting them for needy students in our town. That really was rewarding.

    • He actually has a 12 yr old son, so…it is sort of him with the children that is strange. He still does not live in town so I won’t be seeing him for a few months, so it’s just nice right now. No need to think on too much! Plus you know, you kind of just described my Dad. He never had much interest in some things and had a great deal of interest in others.. His taste in music is totally different from my Mom’s and he really avoided/continues to avoid doing any childrens films etc. But he was still a really great Dad. I think it seems the man you were dating really just was not interested in anyone but himself. This guy spends a lot of time chatting with me about my sports and my job- which has got to be infinitely boring, but he is rather focused out….who knows.

  2. My Mum always said it was better to be an old man’s darling than a young man’s fool! Mr FD is 8 years older than me, BIL 9 years older than my sister. I don’t think, in all honesty, I would personally venture further than at, especially as they age … no guarantees for anyone in life though.

    • I admit, I am really rather intimidated by the actual age gap…not so much by if we have enough in common…we do. But, luckily for the moment he is safely back in his home and me in mine so I do not have to make any choices….

  3. Congratulations. I wish you two the best. Please do not allow the age difference to be intimidating. What matters is that you found someone and he found someone. It’s like the old saying, “love is blind”. Again I wish you the best. 🙂

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