I am sick.


I hate this about myself.  I never recognise the symptoms of getting sick….

I get tired, cranky, unreasonable, and all of that.  Never do I think that I might be getting ill.  I just wonder why I am so tired, cranky, unreasonable.


All my runs this week have been strange…hard to breathe, gasping…I thought I was just doing poorly.

This evening when I got home….I started to really have chills and now I am boiling away…


Guess I get to get better.  Hope soon!


6 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Oh cripes, and it’s still summer too. Though it seems, when it’s very hot outside and we all stay indoors with the air conditioner roaring, it’s almost as bad as wintertime when we hole up inside next to the heater. My younger daughter got a raging cold last month—in July, our hottest month so far!— and it took weeks to get rid of it.

    I hope you do better and get over this quickly. You know the drill: drink lots of fluids, if your throat can handle swallowing; get lots of rest, and baby yourself as much as possible. (I made up the last one, but it never hurts to pamper yourself a bit. This is the one time it’s okay to be a couch potato.) 😀

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