Our Non event Hurricane

So After Spending last week getting quite ready for a Hurricane, it looks to have shifted to the West quite decidedly.

This is pretty much what happens, since I moved to Florida.  I get ready, the storm shifts.  I do feel concern for the other folks living up North and in Alabama and along the Gulf Coast…They are looking to get slammed.

In any event, it’s got to be a fairly large storm, because it is supposedly near Key West, which is 6 hours south of us, and we are already seeing some fast moving clouds and possible rain. Still.  I did my long run today and all the wildlife was hanging out acting rather normal…

I know it’s unwise to want to get hit with a bad storm, but hey I’ve lived here for 4 years and never have had occasion to throw a Hurricane party….


3 thoughts on “Our Non event Hurricane

  1. Hurricane party? I’d be too terrified, I think, lol. Then again, the first time I encountered a tornado in Minnesota, I was driving around with a friend and we had no idea what was going on when the sirens sounded. (She was from Texas, so she should have known better. I had no experience with a tornado prior to that day.) We kept encountering downed trees and trash strewn all over the streets and parking lots. Little did we know, we were following the tornado’s path and were witnessing the damage it had created. I look back on that day and think I must have had a guardian angel looking after me then. We could have gotten seriously hurt: one man was killed when a tree came down on him while he was fishing. He too refused to heed the sirens.

    Anyway, hope you and Teulu stay safe and dry. Mother Nature shouldn’t be messed with.

  2. I haven’t looked at the weather in a few hours, but it looks like my part of AL is going to get drenched. So many counties in the state are suffering from a fairly significant drought, I hope this rain will fill our water tables. I really hope the tornadoes stay the heck away from us.

  3. We finally got some rain late this afternoon. Isaac has been a no-show for us. Lots of flooding just right over that way—points towards “Land Mass” and Louisiana. 🙂

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