I have had to go on a diet to lose weight.

I have struggled so much with Food over the years, that I had come to a point where I was just kind of ignoring it.  My Physician who deals with me and food has not been seeing me much lately.  He eventually said, “It’s what you do with food, sometimes, that makes me concerned.”

At any rate.  I’ve gained some weight.  about 12 pounds since I started my new job.

I just ignored it and pretended it was going to go away and that “no one else was noticing it”  SO much of my life, I have been praised for eating that I sort of was still saying, “This ice cream is good for me”  I am not afraid of ice Cream, it will not make me fat.  BUT of course…while it is good to not fear the Ben and Jerry’s, it will still make one heavier.

Kind of like an Elephant in the room

I’ve been talking a bit to my old Physical Therapist who I remain rather attached to.  I’m a woman full of gratitude.  He apparently may or may not be branching into some outside training.  My Massage Therapist thought it was a good idea.  He knows my limitations and he also knows how to motivate me very well.  I was pretty darn excited to hear this.  I’m not super fond of my current trainer, he just isn’t quite pushing me that well, and something is not working right.  I know I have had proven results from this other person, and So yes, it seems like a great idea.

They have had some conversations about me and one of them involved that I do need to lose some weight. So now, it’s out there. People have noticed!   And BAM, there IS an elephant in the room.

Since then, I felt pretty called out on it.  It’s a new sensation to count out the calories.  I started to use SPark People.  It is really annoying to me that you do not get any extra calories if you burn a ton…so  On my very long run days when I burn about 1,000 calories,  Spark People will still be advising I eat only 1500….Hmmmm.

SO we will see.   I am learning to adjust my diet.  And I am a bit surprised at how Lax I had become…no wonder I had gained.  Food and me are such touchy subjects that I remain irritated about it.  I think I may have mis-heard everything else that was said….just because I am so tweaky about food.. Ah well…

But…  Someone had to call me out…I know it was done out of genuine concern and genuine desire to see me succeed, but darn it all…I had no idea how Big that Elephant was!



5 thoughts on “Diet

  1. ugh. I hate weight issues…so much so that I will give lip service like it’s no one’s business…but not ever do anything more than think about what I should or should not be eating and how I need to start doing some/any exercise. Way back in the day, when I worked retail, it was not at all hard to keep my weight around 120-130, when I quit staying on my feet I ballooned up to the 140’s…then I started working at a place that not only did I rarely get away from my desk but I was ‘paid’ to work through my lunch as long as I kept working while eating…I got downsized out of my job. Then the stress eating kicked in and now I am at an all time high of 170-something. Yup. More lip service right here in this paragraph. LOL!!

    I wish you healthy control as you rein that elephant in and make headway back to a healthy (and acceptable) weight.

  2. Jayne Richards says:

    Good luck to you, my friend! I can totally identify & am really struggling myself to find the proper balance. Remember I’m in your corner!!

  3. Good luck! Maybe we can help each other. I’m on a mission to lose 15-20 by the end of the year, so that’s about a pound per week. I think that’s do-able. Cutting desserts isn’t that hard for me — not eating late before I go to bed probably is.

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