Mood, Nutridiary etc

Wow, I’m in a bad mood lately.

I should have realised this, because for some reason my horoscope, which I get delivered to my phone daily…has been stuck on the same horoscope for 3 days.  It says I should be careful with people because I am testy.  Ha.

Diet, I do need to lose some weight and it irks me.

I signed up with Spark People…. It is a good site, it is completely free…but it is filled with a lot of graphics, and places to go and lots of popups.  I  managed to do about 3 days of it until I got really fed up.

So, next stop Fit Day.  Also free.  But again with the advertisements…more so than Spark People.  I lasted there one day.

In desperation, I tried Nutridiary.  This is how I lost weight the first time.  My computer has been acting up and at first I could not log in, but then today the site was working fine.  Less advertisements, a cleaner interface, and one thing that I like is that when you do enter exercise Nutridiary adds back some calories for you, so that on days that I do run 6-8 miles, I am not stuck being told I overate when I eat 2000 calories.  (I burn 800 running 8 miles.)  It has great graphs, which the other sites have as well, but…if I hover on my weight on Nutridiary, it also shows my BMI.  At Spark People this requires 2 different graphs.

I’m thinking about trying the “Shakology”  that my friend sells.  I’m just not 100% convinced that it is any better than a regular reasonable diet.  But who knows.

Work seems to be going fine.  I have been a bit neglectful of some things and I will be in quite a state on tuesday morning because I have a 10 minute presentation to give at 9 am, and I forgot to put it together on Friday.  Friday I was in total “holiday Mode”  and could barely concentrate on anything.  So, oh well, luckily, I have all the slides prepared, I think, and all I have to do is put the two together, with the video…

My Massage Therapist got a little irritable with me, because it seems she did kind of decide just to tell me all sorts of things that my old Physical Therapist didn’t really say.  So that is frustrating. So I have a funny feeling this old PT coaching me will kind of blow up in my face.  MT is a lovely lady and a pretty good friend, but,  I felt really kind of betrayed by her, she was spouting out a lot of advice, and made me feel like an idiot.  (I mean really does any adult these days need to be told to eat more fruits and vegetables? like this idea has not occurred to me?)  while she is eating chocolate chip cookies….

But I need some good coaching, AND  some weight loss if I am ever going to get anywhere.

Something tells me that My PT might have had a better way to discuss this with me, since I have never seen him eat a cookie, ever…


4 thoughts on “Mood, Nutridiary etc

  1. Hey, just checking in… even though I’ve been silent lately, I haven’t disappeared. I do get all of your updates be email every time you post. I’ve just been crazy-busy this summer and haven’t had a chance to read anyone else’s blogs, much less write much of my own. I finally finished that textbook chapter I’ve been working on almost every weekend this summer. I finished it yesterday- yay- but unfortunately I still have several other endeavors for this fall I need to work on, including lecturing at some national conferences and finishing a review article- dang it. I really must get better at saying “no” to stuff that does not directly involve my job. Life is too short. I’ve realized now that spending time with my family, enioying summer and/or training for whatever race will come next is more important to me than publishing. Anyway, best of luck in managing your weight. As you well know, there are quite a lot of opinions but not many easy or simple solutions. But don’t be too hard on yourself either….body weight is only a single number among many. It is possible to be healthy even despite wanting to lose a few (or for that matter quite a few) pounds. I’m serious, it’s not just opinion. It has been shown that it is possible to be “fit and fat.” (I didn’t create that phrase, someone else did). People at “normal” weight (whatever the heck “normal” even is) who live an unhealthy lifestyle will eventually have their poor dietary and lifestyle choices catch up with them. Even though such people may look good on the outside, at least for right now, and they seem to be lucky in that they don’t have to worry about diet, calories, exercise and weight, there are many negative metabolic changes going on which will eventually show up decades later. So exercise, eat healthy and try whatever reasonable system to control caloric intake seems make the most sense for you… Good luck with running, work, and everything else….

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