I’ve been super busy.

It is annual Clinical Review time, so I am busy showing a video.

I have now seen it oh about 100 times.

It is also Flu shot season, so I have been giving a lot of flu shots. Joy.  I do like getting the folks vaccinated as it is so important to the success of our organization, but it is very irritating when people give attitude.

Also nearing the end of week one with New Training arrangement.  So far, I am a fan.  Though I did get smacked in the face with a 2 lb ball the other day…oops.

Other highlights…new coach reminds me of great scripture which has actually helped me focus.

Spending an hour with new coach, which was awkward and uncomfortable, but also really a great learning experience, and kind of fun at the same time.

My friend Kim got transferred back to our local hospital so now I can go see her whenever!  Much easier than trying to visit downtown.

Working at work.  Not that much fun, but has not been too bad either.  I am headed out to Indianapolis soon, for an educational class, so that is really neat too!  Had some good meetings where things got accomplished as well.  Yay and yahooey.


2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Who would give you attitude over a flu shot? I hope you stuck them extra hard!

    After watching that video, I feel like getting up and washing my hands now. The nurses at the hospital where my mother was were very firm about us washing our hands, even after we’d been wearing gloves all through our visit. Dad however was our weak spot: he either didn’t hear the nurses, or being a stubborn old coot, just didn’t care. I didn’t want him bringing c. diff home with him however, so I would grab him and throw him into the men’s room. I think the nurses enjoyed the comedy.

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