Settling in

I think (fingers crossed), that I am finally settling in to my new job.  I have been able to go to bunches of meetings this week and work with a wide variety of departments, and essentially have much success.

I’m signed up for a continuing education class that will help me to put this all together in October, I am pretty excited to go to Indianapolis (yeah, could they have picked a more exciting location?)  and to enjoy meeting others who are also working in Infection Prevention. I am rooming in with a woman from West Virginia, and I just think we will have a good time.  As is often the case, after meeting a lot of people on line (these Infection Preventionists) I may overwhelm them all with my personality.

I still have moments of “YUCK”  but for the most part, I seem to be now past the anxiety that gripped me when I first started.  I mean, messes seem to happen periodically, but I tend to see now that they just happen, we clean them up and we go on FOR the MOST part.

If you like this art work, GO HERE, for more from that graphic artist.

So work is work.  I do still have occasional nightmares regarding it.  And I forgot to call someone back on Friday, primarily because I had no new information, Sooo. (I tried he was not in.)  We will see how Monday goes.

My Friend is still very very ill, but she has been transferred back to our tiny hospital so I can go see her easily and without restriction.  When I first went to see her the other day she seemed so foggy and listless, and like she did not really want to see me, but after a few minutes of my prattling on, and telling her all my news of the day…She said something funny, and I said something funny and we started to laugh, and every time we stopped, we both looked at each other, and started to giggle again.  Finally her nurse and a Physician came in to “Make sure all was OK”

I have been trying to embed this nice video, which is so worth watching…


It really isn’t the miles, it’s how you live them.  I am so lucky to have her back. She is still so ill, and in a lot of pain and misery, So I know the next few weeks will really be something for her.

I’m settling into my new coaching/running plan. More on that over HERE  I admit it’s a bit different than what I am used to.  I don’t see the plan maker that often, and so while I feared loss of control, I actually feel fairly independent, and I feel better than I have in a while.  My running speed is improving, but I can’t really say that it’s from the plan as I have only had a week of the plan.

I ran this week with a friend on a clay road, which is pretty mushy.  We were both fascinated to see our own footprints on the way back.  Mine confirmed what I have been told again and again, that I am actually a forefoot striker.

Borrowed from another site, as I was running, not taking photos.

This always feels good as people apparently spend money and time to become a forefoot striker…Hmmm.  As I get stronger, I hope using the forefoot strike will eventually get me moving much more correctly.

I am spending a lot more time back focused on my fitness, and not my job, so YAY!  work/life balance!!!!  I have some small races coming up and am really getting excited, because I think I’m going to do well…though the last one was a disaster of taking off super fast and crashing and burning.

So Crossing fingers that this settled thing lasts for a week or two.


4 thoughts on “Settling in

  1. I beg your pardon, but I hear Indianapolis is the most exciting city in Indiana!


    Seriously, I sometimes think they have these training sessions in towns that have very little to do so you’re forced to focus on learning rather than taking off and playing hooky. I was once sent to some conference in Las Vegas with a group of colleagues, and I apparently was the only one who attended the workshops and participated in group discussions. The other guys disappeared. Later that night, when I was trudging wearily to my hotel room, I saw my colleagues in some lounge watching a scantily-clad woman sing on a pink-lit stage. I didn’t know whether to laugh or get angry, since I knew they would ask me to pass them notes when we reported back to our supervisor.

    I am glad you are settling comfortably into your job. Those first few months can be awkward and make you feel like the new kid at school.

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