It’s still Flu season

And I am still giving Flu vaccinations.  We are sitting at about 47% of hospital employees vaccinated.  Now.. this does not include most of the Physicians, because they are not hospital employees.

Oddly, you would think the Physicians would be the most non-compliant, but no, they are getting in line to get their Influenza Vaccine this year, especially the Emergency Physicians.

It’s an odd bunch of conspiracy theorists (You are going to inject me with an RFID chip! oh yeah, right, we are that interested in you…)  and people who have felt ill after the vaccine that are messing up our rates.  And there are a few who just chose to be difficult.  We have already had one staff member out with the flu, and yes, guess what!  NOT VACCINATED!

My life has sort of become one long stream of Influenza Vaccination, basic home maintenance, and Bill pay, and The Gym.  (Note, capital letters)

The employee health nurse is not very aggressive about seeking out those who desire, or will accept a vaccine.  It is however, very important to our CEO that our vaccination rate go UP.  SO….I understand this and have been trolling the halls with a box of vaccine.  Some success, I  definitely have vaccinated at least 10 staffers who would have otherwise remained infection carriers for us, so that’s cool.

Lucky me, I now have a reputation for “giving a good shot” Something the employee health nurse does not have.

So most of the shot getters do not have that look on the face.

The GYM:

Well.  Last week we decided to step it up some.  Whew.  I am tired out.

You can check over here for Skeletors stuff.   We are now 3 weeks into this arrangement.  I definitely feel good, and strong, though I do feel tired.  Apparently next week will be a build and bump up week, so I am supposed to rest and relax this week, except that it really isn’t a rest week yet…  I’m still struggling with letting him have control of the plan.  Part of me wants to just revel in the easiness of just doing whats written down and trusting the outcome.  The other part of me wants to fight it and fight it with all I have.  He did ask me again, “You wanna go back to what you were doing and those results?”  Very pointed question.  Best piece of advice this week, “When you find yourself in a hole, STOP digging” Apparently Will Rodgers said it first.


So this week, I stopped digging, did everything the coach said and I feel good, tired, but good.

Now to get those pesky Flu shots given!!!


I do really recommend you check out the 30 weeks blog, it has a lot more interesting witty repartee…



2 thoughts on “It’s still Flu season

  1. In our hospital it is required to get the flu shot or fill out a declination form.
    Last week they had a table set up right outside the cafeteria door, so that’s where I got my shot. I love convenience!
    At some points the Health Nurse will cruise through each department, too.
    I’m impressed that the ER docs are getting theirs, good for them!

  2. After reading your last post, I was going to go to my clinic and get a flu shot. Unfortunately, Dad came home from church with a cold, and since he never washes his hands, even after blowing his nose, I caught it within days. So no shot until I get over the cold. Still, for the brief pain of getting a shot, the protection from the flu is well worth it. Why grown adults should put up so much resistance to getting vaccinated is almost funny, except they’re potential carriers who infect anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated, particularly small children.

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