I need to find 60 more people willing to take the influenza vaccine.  I think in reality, I need to find about 58 more people, since I have one Physician who wants it and is actually on our payroll.

I got 10 yesterday, so we are at 54%.  I need those 60.


I have a list of who is and is not vaccinated, but it is long and somewhat difficult.  I know I should approach a few more folks about it, but I admit, I am a little tired of the flu vaccine.

Still, gotta find those 60.  They are all hiding under a rock somewhere.  Hopefully the shift will have changed some.  I have sent out messages to those who are unvaccinated, and I know personally….yep shout out on Facebook in regards to the influenza vaccination.


Can not wait to find my 60 people!


5 thoughts on “60

  1. I am anxiously watching the calendar, coming down slowly from a huge cortisone prescription and hiding from germs.
    Can’t get my shot until November, so I’m hoping for a slow start to flu season.
    So, you go, girl! and catch those disease vector people for me!

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