Vaccination Vacation

I decided to go ahead and take a Vaccination Vacation for the weekend.  I went in and did 2 last night in for night Shift Emergency Dept staff.  Today I decided just to give it a rest.

I slept in until 6 am, took the dog out, did some computer work and then went back to sleep.  I dreamed mostly about running, thank goodness, NOT the Influenza Vaccine.

By Monday I may feel refreshed enough to corner 50 more people.  I have several MD’s who want the vaccine, and actually sadly several I missed on Friday.  We were dealing with the Fungal Meningitis situation.  Our facility did not receive contaminated product, but some people who did receive the contaminated product are coming in for evaluation, so getting all the interim recommendations for that communicated to the physicians in the ED took priority.

I am luckily on a resting week with the coaching situation.  But, I admit, it has still been a fairly hard week for me.  Either because of the increased swimming, the lack of sleep, or stress, I dunno.

At any rate.  I am looking forward to starting the next 3 weeks on build on Monday.  AND feeling refreshed enough to vaccinate EVERYONE.


One thought on “Vaccination Vacation

  1. I feel so sorry for those people who were given the contaminated medication, so cruel. So many lives will be changed forever. I have a flu needle every year and 9 years out of 10 I have no real flu. Worth the effort, slight pain, and lolly pop!

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