Damn You Corelle….

So I have a set of Corelle Calloway Ivy dishes...


Oh yeah, they say “Every style has it’s strength”  and even states that these plates, and dishes are BREAK RESISTANT.


One of the plates slid off the counter after being washed last week.  Shattered.  Into many many many many pieces.  Apparently this can happen because there is an entire PAGE of warnings about this on the Corelle page…

These pieces are sharp, and Miniscule.  and when that plate hit the floor…they scattered far and wide…Seems others are having a similar issue.


While I did not take a photo this Blogger did…  this was my entire experience.  The worst part about this was that my kitchen is adjacent to the laundry room, and many of those shards landed on a freshly folded pile of laundry.  Even with Vaccuuming the floor and using a broom, I am still wearing shoes in my kitchen for fear of picking up shards, and I am still finding shards.

I like Corelle because the dishes are thin, and not very heavy. I do not like the weight of stoneware.  BUT…I have to say this is the second time something has shattered like this.  I think I’ll be purchasing a different product, SOON.



3 thoughts on “Damn You Corelle….

  1. I don’t like Corelle because the material it’s made from seems unusually brittle and glass-like. In the microwave it got extremely hot and hard to handle without an oven mitt. When I dropped a plate, I was shocked to see it fly into a zillion tiny slivers. Even after repeatedly vacuuming the floor, I still found little bits lying dangerously sharp in the kitchen. I eventually switched to stoneware, but whenever I see a Corelle set, I sigh a bit. I love their designs, but not the material.

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